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Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Package in Mexico City, Mexico

Package price starting from: $6500
Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy
Associated Center: MexStemCells Clinic
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Get Affordable Autism Stem Cell in Mexico Starts at $6,500

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Mexico City Mexico

Cost-Effective Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Package in Mexico City, Mexico by MexStemCells

MexStemCells provides affordable packages for Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Mexico City, Mexico. Get Regenerative Therapy in Mexico today at PlacidWay. Get the best treatment for autism through regenerative medicine methods that have proven quality and have also gone through clinical trials. All you can get at the best price only at MexStemCells. Check out more information about the package below.

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Definition of Stem Cell Treatments for Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder characterized by difficult verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction and repetitive, restrictive behaviour. The first symptoms appear around 2 years old and, after the diagnosis, they follow a steady course. Stem Cell therapy is used to as new approach to treat autism disorder and provide hope of improvement.

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Mexico City, Mexico by MexStemCells

You can get stem cell for autism in Mexico City, Mexico by MexStemCells with the price starts at: $6,500.




Mexico City, Mexico

Stem Cell for Autism


United States

Stem Cell for Autism



Stem Cell for Autism


Note: Price can change depends on complexity of procedures and patient condition.

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Procedure of Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Mexico

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have almost unlimited potential to reproduce and form new cells. They have two properties:

  • Self-renewal – they can go through several cycles of division and still maintain the undifferentiated state
  • Potency – they can become any type of specialized cell in the body

Cellular regeneration is able to correct, restore or replace the damaged tissues cells or those who aren’t functioning properly.

Stem cell therapy is an Integrative Regenerative Medicine treatment – it improves consistently the patient’s quality of life and has healing effects in diseases for which there aren’t viable options. With over 15 years of experience in Stem cell research and more than 10 years of experience in treating patients with different conditions, MexStemCells Clinic has seen an increased rate of success in Autisms cases to which the Stem Cell therapy was applied.

In cases of Autism, the clinic's approach consists in 10 days of treatment:

  • 1st day – arrival at the clinic
  • 2nd to 9th day - IV applications of stem cells
  • 10th day – return home

Advantages of Selecting Stem Cell in Mexico City

  • Stem cell therapy for autism has a low risk of complications.
  • The stem cells are capable of transforming and replacing the destroyed and/or damaged cells.
  • It is a new treatment protocol.

Stem Cell Treatment for Autism in Mexico Inclusions

  • All hospital fees with night stay
  • Stem cell injections
  • All medical fees for doctor and nursing staff.

Stem Cell Treatment for Autism in Mexico Exclusions

The cost excludes:

  • The patient’s plane tickets
  • Meals
  • Personal travel expenses.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Autism in Mexico Pre-Op Test

  • Thyroid hormone test
  • Body composition analyzer Urine test
  • Pathology test
  • SGPT
  • Lipid Profile Test
  • Blood glucose
  • ECG
  • Etc.

Highly Qualified Doctor for Regenerative Medicine in Mexico City, Mexico at MexStemCells

When it comes to harnessing the unparalleled potential of regenerative medicine, having a team of the most qualified doctors at the helm can make a world of difference. At MexStemCells, located in the heart of Mexico City, you're introduced to a haven of cutting-edge science blended seamlessly with years of expertise.

Meet the Titans of Regenerative Medicine:

1. Dr. Javier Sanchez Gonzalez

Dr. Javier Sanchez Gonzalez

Expertise: Holds a Master's Degree and a Doctorate in Cellular Biology. Dr. Gonzalez's profound understanding of cellular structures and dynamics is truly unparalleled, making him one of the top experts in the field of regenerative medicine.

2. Dr. Juan Uriarte

Dr. Juan Uriarte

Expertise: A renowned hematologist, Dr. Uriarte has further specialized in Hematopoietic cell transplantation. His in-depth knowledge combined with years of practical experience places him at the forefront of stem cell research and application.

3. Dr. Edgar Enrique Ramos Diaz

Expertise: With a Master's Degree in General Surgery and Transplants, Dr. Diaz is not just a surgeon; he's an artist who understands the intricacies of the human body and has been pivotal in several successful transplant operations.

Impeccable Certifications:

The dedication and passion of our doctors are reflected in the prestigious certifications awarded to MexStemCells:

  • Stem Cell Transplant: Recognized by Cofepris Mexico on 5th June 2014 under certificate 14-TR-09-016-0004.
  • Ambulatory Surgical Procedures: Accredited by Cofepris Mexico on 16th July 2013 under certificate 13-AM-09-016-0009.
  • Blood Transfusion Service: Endorsed by Cofepris Mexico on 12th March 2014 under certificate 14-TS-09-016-0007.

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Why Choose Mexico City for Autism Stem Cell Therapy

Here are several reasons why many patients choose Mexico City as top destination for stem cell therapy for autism:

  • Safety, professionalism and effectiveness
  • High quality medical services
  • Highly trained and experienced medical team
  • The patient is informed about the procedure and everything he/she needs to know before the treatment is done

FAQs about Regenerative Medicine for Autism in Mexico City, Mexico

Here you can find information about FAQ for Regenerative Therapy for Autism in Mexico City, Mexico:

  • What is the success rate of Stem Cell therapy for Autism in Mexico?

Quoted from various sources, the success rate of stem cell therapy is quite high, which is in the range of 80 percent. Until now, researchers continue to develop this regenerative treatment to treat various health problems, including autism.

  • How long do autism stem cell treatments take to work?

The potential effects of regenerative therapy vary depending on the condition of each patient. However, it was noted, patients can get improvement in the average range of 6 months after undergoing treatments.

  • What does stem cell therapy do to your body?

Stem cell therapy or regenerative therapy works by providing improvements to various organ functions in the body, starting from the brain, bones, skin and so on.

  • How much cost of stem cell therapy in Mexico?

The price of stem cell therapy varies depending on the clinic you choose, as well as the location where you are. However, if you choose Mexico City, then you will be able to get a more affordable price than other countries.

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Stem Cell Therapy is still an experimental treatment. Any information related to stem cell therapy provided in this website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace a consultation with a licensed physician nor be construed as medical advice or any emergency health need you may be expecting.

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