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Best Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Disorder in India, Asia

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Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy
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Best Regenerative Medicine Package for Kidney Disorder in Vadodara, India

Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Disorder in India

Hey, are you struggling with kidney disorders and feel like you've tried every possible treatment? Vadodara, India, might just have the answer you've been searching for. Renowned for his groundbreaking work, Dr. Pravin Patel is at the forefront of stem cell therapy for kidney ailments. Dive into this exciting journey and explore a medical breakthrough that's changing lives in the heart of Gujarat.

But why stem cells? These unique cells, with their potent regenerative properties, have been making waves in the medical field for their ability to differentiate into various cell types, repairing tissues, and promoting organ function. In the domain of nephrology, stem cell therapy emerges as a game-changer.

In Vadodara, under Dr. Patel's guidance, this science has moved from theoretical discussions to real-life transformations. The procedures he's developed, rooted in years of research and clinical trials, promise not just relief, but a redefined approach to kidney care in the 21st century.

 Dr. Pravin Patel Center, world-recognized clinic for regenerative medicine and alternative treatments, provides affordable package for Stem cell Therapy for Kidney diseases in Vadodara, India. 

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What are Kidney Disease Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the body’s natural healing cells that can develop into any tissue of the body. Stem cells when transplanted for renal failure help replenish the required kidney cells and thus promote a more normal healthy kidney function.

This transplantation of stem cells has a 0% risk of rejection and is done without any surgery. We use adipose derived cells/ bone marrow derived cells/umbilical cord cells depending on each case.

Along with stem cells we do integrative therapies including Eboo-Ozone therapy, vitamin therapy,immersion therapy to get best results in kidney failure cases. Also, natural  Indian medicines which will help to activate renal cells and may help to reverse the disease.

kidney failure treatment

Package Detail of Stem cell therapy, Eboo-Ozone therapy, Vitamin therapy, and natural medicines

Package Cost Clinic Location
Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Disorder $9,300 Dr. Pravin Patel Center Gujarat, India 

The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Disorder in Vadodara, India

Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Disorder cost in Vadodara, India $9,300 on average. Compared to western countries, India offers competative price with savings of up to 60%. See the following table for more details.




India, Asia

Stem cell therapy+integrative+ozone therapy 



Only stem cell


United kingdom

Only stem cell



Only stem cell


Note: Price can change and vary depends on complexity of procedures and patient conditions. Click contact us button below to get in touch with our customer representative:

Factors which may affect the cost:

  1. Pattern of inheritance and other medical conditions

  2. Severity of diseases and other comorbidities.

  3.  Extra treatment offered for other conditions.

Stem cell therapy for kidney disorders Package Inclusions:

  • Pre and post physician consultation

  • Customized treatment plan

  • Car service to and from Vadodara airport during business hours.

Stem cell therapy for kidney disorders Package Exclusions:

  • Airfare

  • Stay or hotel/apartment

  • Meals 

  • Preoperative lab work and medicines

Test and reports:

  • CBC
  • Vit.D
  • Vit B12
  • Hba1c
  • ECG
  • SGPT
  • Lipid profile
  • Thyroid hormone test
  • G6PD
  • Urine RM
  • Serum creatinine + EGFR 
  • Chest X-ray

Note: If required after doctors consultation certain tests may be added afterwards.

Stay: 2-4 weeks

*depending upon the severity of disease and various treatments offered.*

Why choose Dr. Pravin Patel Center for Regenerative Medicine?

  • We have successfully treated  numerous patients of kidney disorder with our unique integrative treatment.

  • Our doctors are highly qualified and experienced in the same field.

  • Even after completion of your treatment, overall guidance would be provided to maintain the good results.

  • Natural  Indian medicines would help the patient to preserve and enhance the good results of the treatment provided.

Advantages of Kidney Disease Regenerative Medicine:

  • Tissue Repair and Regeneration: At its core, regenerative medicine focuses on repairing and regenerating damaged tissues, potentially halting or even reversing kidney disease progression.
  • Minimally Invasive: Unlike kidney transplants, which require surgery, many regenerative medicine procedures are minimally invasive, often involving injections or small incisions.
  • Reduced Reliance on Transplants: Successful regenerative treatments could reduce the need for kidney transplants, a process that involves waiting lists and potential transplant rejections.
  • Reduced Side Effects: As regenerative medicine often uses the patient's cells or biocompatible materials, there's a reduced risk of adverse reactions compared to some traditional treatments.
  • Potential for Fewer Medications: Successful regenerative treatments might decrease the dependency on medications used to manage symptoms or slow disease progression, leading to fewer side effects from drugs.
  • Holistic Approach: Regenerative medicine looks at the root causes of kidney damage rather than just addressing symptoms, paving the way for comprehensive healing.
  • Faster Recovery: Given the minimally invasive nature of many regenerative treatments, patients often experience faster recovery times compared to more invasive procedures.
  • Tailored Treatments: Regenerative medicine can be personalized to individual patient needs, leveraging the unique properties of their cells and biology for optimal results.

Dignity and Recognition: 

Dr. Pravin Patel Dignity

Dr. Pravin Recognition

Dr. Pravin Patel and Dr. Sunitta Patel

Dr. Pravin Patel Awards

Dr. Pravin Patel and Dr. Sunitta Patel Awards

Awards Received by Dr. Pravin Patel

Dr. Sunitta Patel in World Congress

Kidney Problem Testimonial in Vadodara India at Dr. Pravin Patel Center

FAQs for Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Disorder in Vadodara, India

Here are some FAQs for Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Disorder in Vadodara, India:

How does stem cell therapy work for kidney disorders?

For kidney disorders, stem cells are introduced into the body, where they can potentially repair damaged kidney tissues and promote better organ function. The exact mechanisms can vary depending on the specific kidney disorder and treatment protocol.

Is the treatment offered by Dr. Pravin Patel FDA-approved?

While stem cell treatments have gained recognition globally, it's crucial to check directly with Dr. Patel's clinic regarding specific approvals and certifications. India has its regulatory bodies overseeing medical treatments.

How safe is stem cell therapy?

Under expert guidance, stem cell therapy is generally considered safe. However, like all medical procedures, there might be risks involved. It's essential to discuss potential risks and benefits with Dr. Patel.

How long is the recovery period after treatment?

The recovery period can vary based on individual conditions and the specific procedure carried out. Generally, patients might experience mild discomfort initially, but recovery times are relatively swift. Always consult Dr. Patel's team for personalized guidance.

Is this a one-time treatment or do I need multiple sessions?

The number of sessions required depends on the severity of the kidney disorder and how the body responds to the first treatment. Some patients might benefit from a single session, while others may need follow-ups.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

Common side effects might include pain or soreness at the injection site. More serious side effects are rare but could occur. It's crucial to discuss any concerns with the medical team before the procedure.

Why choose Vadodara, India, for this treatment?

Vadodara is becoming a medical hub, particularly for stem cell therapy under the expertise of Dr. Pravin Patel. The combination of advanced medical facilities, expert care, and a rich cultural experience makes Vadodara a preferred choice for many.

Book Low-Cost Package for Regenerative Medicine for Kidney Failure in Vadodara India Today!

If you need more information about Kidney Disease Stem Cell Therapy in India at Dr. Patel Center, or you want to book this special package deal, contact the clinic representative for further details.

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