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Treatment :Addiction Treatment

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Focus Area: Drug Addiction Treatment | Alcohol Addiction Treatment | Addiction Rehabilitation | Detoxification | Substance Abuse Rehab | Mexico

Drug Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Addiction Rehabilitation, Detoxification, Substance Abuse Rehab, Mexico

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Rehabilitation Programs in Mexico

Rehabilitation Programs in Mexico

Thanks to the successful addiction rehabilitation programs offered in Mexico, you or a dear person can get back on track, living a happy, drug-free life.

Drug rehab facilities help patients restore their lives and re-enter society in a healthy and safe way. Some clinics are specialized in a certain type of addiction, while others provide a broader range of drug addiction services.

The 12-Step Program is one of the most efficient methods in treating addiction. The basic premise of this method is that people can help one another achieve and maintain abstinence from the substances or behaviors to which they are addicted. They do this through meetings in which they share their experiences and support each other in the ongoing effort of maintaining abstinence.

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Nuevo Ser Clinic

From 9,000 USD

In-house 35-day program
Room and board
All meals during stay
Psychiatric counselling
Case Management assistance 

Medications (Prescription they have for pre-existing health condition)
Psychiatric Counselling for pre-existing mental illness/ condition
Travel Expenses

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Benefits of addiction rehabilitation program

  • Painless detox
  • An improved state of mind and mood
  • Restful sleep
  • Aversion to addictive substances
  • Good appetite
  • Clean, healthy and satisfying life

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