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IVF-ICSI with Surrogacy and Egg Donation Package in Tbilisi Georgia

Package price starting from: $37500
Treatment: Fertility Treatment, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), Egg Donation, Surrogacy
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IVF-ICSI with Surrogacy and Egg Donation Package in Tbilisi, Georgia


IVF-ICSI with Surrogacy and Egg Donation Package in Tbilisi, Georgia


Surrogacy and egg donation is completely legal and affordable in Georgia! Chachava Clinic is giving international patients the opportunity to take their baby home with a legal birth certificate. As Chachava Clinic staff is trying to make surrogacy comfortable and an easy-going process for international patients coming overseas, the all-inclusive surrogacy packages give them the possibility to run through the process easily and with no financial risk.

Surrogacy is a fertility treatment, and most of the time the last hope for some couples who want to conceive and have previously tried other fertility methods with no success. Surrogacy consists in a treatment in which a surrogate carries another individual's or couple's baby. The woman who carries the implant is called surrogate mother; she will help the one(s) unable to carry their own child due to several reasons.

The egg donation is a fertility method that helps a lot of patients to achieve their goals of conceiving.  The donor usually provides a dozen eggs (also called oocytes or ova) to the clinic. The entire process of egg donation is followed by the IVF (in vitro fertilization) of the fertilized oocyte with the male's sperm. The recipients receive egg donations that have been genetically screened and matched for disease and then undergo a fertilization and egg retrieval process. Afterwards, the embryo(s) are transferred from the laboratory setting and implanted in the prospective mother's uterus.

Price, Inclusions and Exclusions

The price for the IVF-ICSI with Surrogacy and Egg Donation Package offered by Chachava Clinic is $37,500.

- First payment - upon starting treatment $9,500


  • Egg donor selection with pictures
  • Chosen egg donor examination
  • Egg donor stimulation including medications
  • Partner sperm collection and freezing if needed
  • Donor Oocyte retrieval
  • Embryo culture to blastocyst stage
  • Embryo freezing, storage for one yearØ Arranging meetings with surrogate mothers
  • Chosen surrogate mother examination, fresh medical tests
  • All legal and organizational fees (including agency fees, notaries, contracts, birth registration etc.)

Bonus: 2 nights for free at our luxury apart-hotel (including breakfast) Free Airport transfers

- Egg Donor compensation $1,000

 - Second payment-upon signing the contract with surrogate mother $4,500


  • Surrogate mother Preparation for embryo transfer including medications, examinations, lab tests 
  • Embryo transfer (1-3 embryos per transfer)
  • Second attempt embryo transfer if first result negative

- Third payment- after pregnancy confirmation $1,500


  • Cost of medications (during pregnancy) + physiologically progressingØ pregnancy care

- Fourth Payment – made upon Child birth $1,500


  • Natural Child birth, term new born care

- Surrogate Mother Fee total $15,500 - $17,500 (in case of twins)


  • Surrogate mother fee per Embryo transfer $300
  • Surrogate mother monthly fee per month $300 ($400 in case of twins)
  • SM Overall compensation (within 7 days after child birth)

Benefits of the surrogacy + egg donation

  • Offer the couples’ dealing with infertility a chance to conceive their own baby
  • Have a raised success rate
  • Offer the possibility of success when other methods have previously failed


If you want more information about the IVF-ICSI with Surrogacy and Egg Donation Package, please contact us!

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