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Male Anti-Aging Program

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Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy, Anti Aging Stem Cell Treatments
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Revitalization Therapy, Stem Cell Anti Aging , Revitalization of Male Aging

Male Anti-Aging Program

Male anti-aging is a popular demand in recent times. It is important for men to look good and be at the best of their energy level throughout their lives. In order to achieve the main aim of Infinity Clinic that is an increase in the quality of life of our patients, our doctors together with our scientists developed “Male Anti-Aging Program” that is based on rejuvenation potential of fetal stem cells.

What are the Causes of Aging?

It is important to find the root cause of aging before finding a solution for it. Aging is associated with exhaustion of stem cell pools. This lead to impairment of the ability to maintain health and increase an organism’s vulnerability to disease. Treatment with fetal stem cell is a powerful method to support self-renewal of the organism of the patient due to enhanced functional substitution of senescent and dying cells and release of trophic factors that are involved in regeneration of the tissues.

What are the Evident Male Health Rejuvination Through Male Anti-Aging Program?

The rejuvenation achieved as an effect of “Male Anti-Aging Program” is not superficial cosmetic action, but a consequence of general health improvement of the patient that is evident by such effects as:

  • Enhancement of vitality, energy level and exercise power
  • Improved adaptation for the action of stress-related factors
  • Disease symptoms subsidence
  • Homeostasis maintenance
  • Improved function of hemopoietic system
  • Improvement of nutrition and oxygenation of the organs and tissues
  • Improved cognitive improvement
  • Rejuvenation of the skin

Personalized Approach to Each Patient

Infinity Clinic provides personalized approach to each patient, which starts with the tailoring program that includes individual combination of cell types and extracts for the most efficient treatment and ends with the food selection which depends on preferences of the patient.

In accordance with our personalized approach, Infinity Clinic invites Ukrainian well known, highly-skilled doctors from all over the country for consultations of our patients and we provide follow-up medical consultations of all our patients during the post-cell therapy period.

What are the Advantages of Male Anti-Aging Program?

There are numerous advantage of our treatment is that prior to administration fetal stem cell-based therapy we perform immunomodulation procedure developed by our scientists to prevent rejection of fetal stem cells by immune system of the patient.

It is important to emphasize, that in contrast to «Embryonic stem cells» that are derived from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst that are known to be tumorigenic, fetal stem cells derived from the fetal tissues during the period of 8-20 weeks of development did not show same tendency in in-vivo experiments.

What are the Medical Services Included in Male Anti-Aging Program?

In addition to consultations by our highly-qualified specialists during your treatment and stem cell therapy, Male Anti-Aging Program includes:

  • Diagnostics:

  • Laboratory tests
  • Ultrasound of the upper abdomen, pelvis and thyroid
  • ECG
  • Treatment and procedures:

  • Plasmapheresis with ozone therapy and UV
  • Detox solution 
  • PRP-therapy
  • Full body and abdominal massage
  • Stimulation of facial muscles by microcurrents
  • Machine massage of the scalp (d'Arsonval)
  • Lymphatic drainage body massage
  • Facial massage
  • Cryomassage of the face
  • Lifting Facial mask
  • Purifying Face mask
  • Moisturizing mask
  • Mask with placenta extract (Infinity Clinic uses 20 weeks’ fetal placenta by our unique technology)

What are the Additional Service Included in the Male Anti-Aging Program?

The additional services ncluded in the Male Anti-Aging Program are as follows:

  • Airport-Clinic-Airport Transfer
  • Accommodation for the patient and 1 attendant
  • Full board (3 meals a day) according to individual preferences of the patient and breakfast for the attendant
  • Group Guide
  • Group Tour

Know all about the Male Anti-Aging Program package offered by Infinity Clinic! Get in touch us and make your journey unforgettable!

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It should be noted that some medical procedures can be replaced (except injections of fetal stem cells and fetal stem cell-derived extracts) which are depends on your health condition after cafeful examination by the doctors of Infinity Clinic.

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