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Top Tubal Reversal Surgery Treatments in Latin America

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Top Tubal Reversal Surgery Therapies in Latin America 


Unlike in First world countries, tubal reversal surgery is highly affordable and a very practical solution for future mothers.

TLR, or tubal reversal surgery, is a surgery that allows women to naturally become pregnant, even multiply times. The procedure restores fertility after a woman has had a tubal ligation, which is a procedure of cutting or blocking the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy. By reconnecting those fallopian tubes, TLR enables eggs to move through tubes and also enables sperm to go through fallopian tubes and join an egg.

TLR is recommended for women who want to have children after undergoing tubal ligation and for women who have post tubal ligation syndrome after the tubal ligation procedure. Patients might spend 1 to 3 nights in hospital based on their state after the procedure. The surgery procedure takes 2 to 3 hours.

Things such as age, the type of tubal ligation patient had and overall of patient’s health must be carefully considered before starting the tubal reversal surgery.


Top Destinations for Tubal Reversal Surgery therapies in Latin America






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Playa del

Dr. Juan Manuel Valadez

From $4055 USD

Surgery itself
1 night hospital stay COSTAMED Hospital
Medical fees

Preoperative tests
Travel expenses
Personal expenses
Airport pick up

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Tubal Reversal Surgery Benefits

  • Tubal reversal surgeries can be very successful
  • Tubal reversal surgeries are more affordable
  • Tubal reversal surgeries offer natural pregnancy
  • Tubal reversal surgeries allow more chance to conceive
  • Tubal reversal surgeries allow an evaluation of scar tissue that could be the cause of symptoms experienced after tubal ligation surgery
  • Tubal reversal surgeries provide the sense of well-being and a greater sense of womanhood after the ability to conceive




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