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Anti-Aging Aesthetic Therapy at DNA Vita

Package price starting from: $6000
Treatment: Anti Aging, Live Cell Therapy for Anti Aging
Associated Center: DNA VITA Therapeutics
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Anti-Aging Aesthetic Therapy at DNA Vita

Anti-Aging Aesthetic Therapy for Osteoarthrosis at DNA Vita

Even though aging is a completely natural process that all people are subjected to, this does not mean that it cannot be slowed down and reversed if a person wishes so. Thanks to new advancements with the stem cells, it is now possible to repair the aging damage caused by stress, imbibed toxins, and free radicals.

The reversal of the aging process reinvigorates the skin, increases the capacity for physical activity and it provides a younger look and feel for the patient. Getting an anti-aging therapy will help with all problems related to the aging process. It also helps people who have a problem with aging, such as anxiety, poor memory, depression, decreased muscle vigor, poor cognition, reduced skin elasticity and inability to sleep.

Anti-aging aesthetic therapy is available for both men and women.

Benefits of the Anti-Aging Aesthetic Therapy

  • Feeling vital and rejuvenated
  • Capacity improvement for physical activities
  • Increase in libido
  • Hemoglobin levels decrease
  • Renal function improvement
  • Reinforcement of the metabolism
  • Reduction of fat tissues
  • Improvement in working of the following organs: liver, kidney, heart, lungs
  • Muscle mass improvement
  • Increases overall energy
  • Improved testosterone production in men, leading to increased sexual performance
  • Facilitates estrogen production in women, allowing for an easier menopause

Cost, Inclusions, and Exclusions

At DNA Vita, the price for the anti-aging aesthetic therapy starts at $6,000. It includes the following:

  • Application of systemic and face cells (optional)
  • Serology sample taking
  • Basic blood and urine tests
  • Check-up by the doctor from the clinic

The price excludes travel expenses.

Why Choose Us?

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Experience in working with stem cells

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