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Robotic DaVinci Surgery at CMDA Alomar Urology for Prostate Cancer

Package price starting from: $28320
Treatment: Urology, Prostatectomy
Associated Center: ResoFus Alomar Center
ResoFUS Alomar C/ Berlín, 67 Barcelona 08029 España, Spain
Focus Area: Treatments for Prostate Cancer | Prostate Biopsy Diagnosis | Robotic Prostate Surgery | Prostate Cancer Packages | Centre Medic Diagnostic Alomar (CMDA) | Barcelona, Spain

Treatments for Prostate Cancer, Prostate Biopsy Diagnosis, Robotic Prostate Surgery, Prostate Cancer Packages, Centre Medic Diagnostic Alomar (CMDA), Barcelona, Spain

Best Effective Robotic DaVinci Surgery at CMDA Alomar Urology for Prostate Cancer

Best Effective Robotic DaVinci Surgery at CMDA Alomar Urology for Prostate Cancer


Centre Medic Diagnostic Alomar (CMDA), in Barcelona, Spain, offers different treatments for prostate cancer, which will be applied according to the criteria of our urologists. We can offer from an accurate diagnostic to two different treatments.

How is the Prostate biopsy diagnosis performed by image fusion?

Centre Medic Diagnostic Alomar (CMDA) executes “state of the art” equipment, known as 3Tesla MRI General Electric to offer multi-parametric MR imaging. This imaging test produces much clearer images than any other imaging diagnostic tool. It can well diagnose the areas with injured tissues in the prostate.

The urologist works with the radiologist at the time of performing the biopsy to fusion the images obtained from the MRI, in real time, with the images of an ultrasound, and then perform a biopsy exclusively in the areas were they know is affected tissue.

What is the benefit of this procedure of diagnosis?

With this technique, the urologist will do less punctures, but the degree of hitting the right cells to be analyzed will increase from 40% to 90%.

Is this an outpatient procedure?

Yes, this procedure is performed as an outpatient and no hospitalization is required. The patient could visit the urologist again, in 24/48 hours to make sure that there is not bleeding, and the results of the biopsy, by the pathologist, would be ready in 10/15 days, in accordance with the complexity of the case.

What is the total cost of the procedure?

The total cost of the biopsy, with 3 Tesla Multi-parametric MRI, biopsy guided by ultrasound, performed by the urologist and the radiologist, and the pathology study of the tissues obtained, is €2,350/$2695.

However, the package doesn’t include:

  • Travel fees to Barcelona, and
  • Hotel stay before and after biopsy

Robotic DaVinci Surgery

At the present time, the radical prostatectomy assisted by “robot” (RRP), is the more advanced technique in the treatment of the prostate cancer. At CMDA be have a “State of the Art” robot DaVinci X to perform those procedures.

The surgeon makes small incisions in the patient lower abdomen to introduce the four robotic arms of the DaVinci robot, and one more to insert the high definition 3D camera that will provide him with a view of the surgical field, with sever enlargements for a more easy operation.To remove the prostate, the surgeon sits at a console, from which controls the movements of the robotic arms, viewing the surgical field in a high definition 3D immersive screen. The computer-assisted system allows a more precise response to movement of the surgeon's hands, and enhances the vision of the surgical field through its 3D high definition viewing system.

Unlike laparoscopic surgery, DaVinci Surgical Systems instruments used in robotic prostatectomy can turn in all directions with 90 degrees of articulation and 7 degrees of freedom. During robotic prostate surgery the DaVinci robot provides the surgeon with improved visualization, dexterity, and precision compared with open or laparoscopic surgery, while enabling operation through 1-2 cm incisions. This allows our surgeons to perform fine computer-controlled movements and more precise and minimally invasive robotic prostatectomy. During this prostate cancer treatment, patients’ delicate prostate nerves that control bladder and sexual function can be better spared than any other technique. Robotic prostatectomy achieves the same or better oncological results than a surgeon’s own hands or laparoscopic surgery

In a DaVinci prostatectomy the entire prostate and seminal vesicles are removed, and if necessary, the surrounding tissues as well. The chances of impotency and incontinence are brought down to a minimum with this treatment over more conventional procedures.

Every patient to send us, if available, the followings:

  • PSA analysis
  • MRI Images and report, and
  • Biopsy results

Our urologist’s team coordinator will evaluate the information provided, to make an initial triage to asses if the patient is a good candidate for the robot approach.

If the patient is a good candidate, he will be asked to come to Barcelona for a doctor’s pre-surgical evaluation, and any additional tests that may be considered necessary. If everything is clear, surgery will be immediately scheduled in a prestigious private hospital in Barcelona. The hospital stay will be three days. After discharge, the patient will be requested to come back to the doctor’s office, for a post-surgical evaluation, in a week, and a week later, a final visit. In this last visit the urinary catheter and stiches will be removed, and the patient will be “feet to fly” next day. The total minimum time required to stay in Barcelona, will be three weeks. Once the patient is back to his country, follow-up evaluations by his urologist will be recommended.

In case, the patient wants an earlier return to his country of origin, if there is a good communication between our urologist and the patient urologist, the stitches and the catheter can be removed by his home urologist, and in this case the patient can return to his country 48/72 hours after being discharged from the hospital.

What is the cost of Robotic DaVinci Surgery?

The total cost of the procedure that includes: pre-testing in Barcelona, urologist’s evaluation, surgical procedure (hospital stay, medical staff, DaVinci robot utilization, etc.) and post-surgical evaluation €24,700/$28,320.

However, the package doesn’t include:

  • Travel fees to Barcelona, and
  • Hotel stay before and after biopsy


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