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Affordable Package for Full Face Lift in Guadalajara, Mexico

Package price starting from: $4950
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Face Lift
, Mexico
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Full Face Lift in Guadalajara, Mexico

Affordable Package for Full Face Lift in Guadalajara, Mexico

As the time goes by, the facial tissues lose their strength, leading to a lack of definition of the neck, eyes, forehead, cheeks and mandibular border.

The face lift procedure is one of the most effective techniques for refreshing and rejuvenating the patient’s face. There are a variety of techniques developed for stretching the facial and neck skin, for providing firmness to the skin and muscles, and, last but not least, for removing excess skin. The goal is to help patients have a smooth and youthful face with minimal effort. This procedure can be performed alone or in combination with other surgeries such as eyebrow lift or eyelid reshaping.

More and more people from all around the world choose to undergo full face lift procedure in Guadalajara, Mexico. With numerous top notch clinics that feature highly specialized doctors and offer affordable prices, Mexico has become a leading destination for cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

Factors that Affect Package Price

Various factors can affect the price of full face lift procedure. Some of the common factors include:

  • Age of the patient
  • Elasticity of the skin
  • Texture of the skin
  • Facial structure

Specialists at the clinic would ask to go for some tests. Based on the results of these tests, doctors may prefer to hold a telephonic conversation with the patient and explain the procedure.

Benefits of Full Face Lift in Guadalajara, Mexico

  • The patient will achieve a firmer, tighter skin and a flawless, youthful look
  • The procedures’ results improve self confidence and self esteem
  • Fine and deep wrinkles are erased from the patient’s face and/or neck
  • Long lasting results

Complexity Level: Medium

Cost of Breast Lift Packages in Guadalajara, Mexico

Cost:  The average cost of Breast Lift Packages in Guadalajara, Mexico is around $6,000. You can avail the same package now at a 17.50% discounted price of $4,950 throughout the year 2019! Don’t miss this special offer!

Note: Final prices are determined after physical evaluation and laboratory report analysis.

Length of Stay: This is usually a "same day procedure", but in rare cases, the patient can be admitted for an overnight observation.


  • Monitoring
  • Hotel for 10 days
  • Hotel/Clinic transfers


  • Preoperative lab work
  • Airfare

List of Required Pre-Op Tests

  • Blood count
  • ECG
  • Chest X-ray, etc.

Note: The laboratory tests are done at least 7-10 days prior to the procedure. The particular tests are prescribed after a complete physical evaluation of the patient.

Payment methods: Credit card, cash, wire transfer

Note: You may have to deposit some amount when you will agree to book for the treatment.

How to Get There

Located in Mexico’s western part, Guadalajara is a popular city known for his food, music and historical monuments. You can reach the city by flights, as its Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport is connected to all major cities across the world. You can also reach Guadalajara from Mexico City and other major cities using highways.

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