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All on 4 Dental Implants with Zirconium Crowns in Izmir, Turkey

Package price starting from: $7560
Treatment: Dentistry, All on 4 Dental Implants
Associated Center: WestDent Clinic Turkey
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Cost-Effective Package for Smile Makeover in Izmir with NOBEL Implants & Zirconium Crowns

All on 4 Dental Implants with Zirconium Crowns in Izmir, Turkey

Looking for affordable and effective full mouth restoration treatment? With our all-inclusive package for All on 4 Dental Implants with Zirconium Crowns in Izmir, Turkey, you'll get your charming smile back and be able to eat favorite food again with no struggle! West Dental Clinic in Izmir took care that you recieve exeptional care at one of the best dental clinics in Turkey. Keep reading to know package price, inclusions, benefits, and find best dentists in Izmir.

Package Price: $7,560


  • 4 Nobel Implants (Swiss Brand)
  • 12 Zirconium Crowns (Per Jaw)

Dentists: Susana AKDAS, Fatih KARADAYI, Gençer Huniler, Tugçe Bigiz, Tugçe ATES, Onur Akin

Location: Izmir, Turkey


  • Experienced, billingual medical team
  • Comprehensive treatments for the whole family
  • Dental Implant procedure with a lifetime guarantee
  • 24/7 Dental Service for all patient's needs
  • Free Transfer Service
  • Affordable dental packages for a pleasant medical trip

Table of Content

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• Inclusions • Exclusions  • Doctors

• Why Izmir  • FAQs  • How to Book

What is the All-on-4 Dental Implant Procedure?

The All-on-4 procedure is a modern dental treatment approach that helps patients who have problems with missing teeth. It’s an immediately loaded fixed acrylic prosthesis supported by four implants.

All-on-4 implants improve your oral health as well as smile aesthetics. A dentist will perform this procedure to help you restore your teeth’ function.

How Much Do All on 4 Dental Implants Cost in Izmir, Turkey?

All on 4 Dental implants in Izmir cost $7,560 or 7,100 € and include 4 Nobel Implants (Swiss Brand) + 12 Zirconium Crowns (Per Jaw). See our cost comparison table below for more details:

City, Country

All on 4 Dental Implants Cost

Izmir, Turkey


United States


United Kingdom



Note: Contact the clinic directly for more information about the final price. The price may vary depending on your condition and the complexity of the procedure.

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Benefits of All-On-4 Dental Implant Procedure

  • The high strength of jaws

  • You can eat your favorite food

  • Boost your confidence

  • Natural-looking smile

  • More youthful appearance

  • Easy maintenance

  • Minnimally invasive technique

  • Faster recovery time

All on Four Teeth Implants Package Inclusions

  • 4 implants,
  • 4 Peek Abutments,
  • Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge Per Jaw,
  • Temporary Prosthesis for 4-6 Healing Period,
  • X-ray,
  • Medical Consultation,
  • Hotel Accommodation with Breakfast, Pool, Spa, Gym for Both Visits (5 Nights for the 1st Visit and 10 Nights for the 2nd Visit),
  • Transfers Between Airport-Clinic-Hotel,
  • Translation Services during Treatment (German, English, Turkish, Ukrainian, French, Russian, Arabic),
  • Tour to Ephesus and the House of Virgin Mary

All on Four Teeth Implants Package Exclusions

  • Travel Costs
  • Additional tourist costs

Highly Skilled Dentists for All-on-4 Treatment at West Dent Clinic in Izmir, Turkey

Below is the list of top 4 cosmetic dentists at West Dental Clinic in Izmir who will restore your georgeous smile in minimum time:

  • Tugçe Bigiz - COSMETIC DENTIST

Why Go to Izmir for All on 4 Treatment?

If you need a full mouth reconstruction at low-cost but with high success results, then choosing All on 4 dental implants in Izmir is the right choice. Expert dentists, world-class dental clinics, and cheap dental prices, invite thousands of dental tourists to Izmir every years.

If you choose dental implants in Izmir, you'll save up to 75% and have a relaxing vacation along with successful smile makeover.  It is also easy to reach the city since Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport operates regular daily flights to major European cities.

We recommend you visit the following places during your dental trip in Izmir:

  • The Yali Mosque and the Hisar Mosque,

  • Kemeralti Bazaar,

  • The Ataturk Museum, 

  • The Izmir Museum of History and Art,

  • Ephesus, a UNESCO Heritage Site,

  • Bodrum and Kusadasi, along the Aegean Sea.

Common Questions about All on Four Implant Procedure in Izmir

Am I a good candidate for All On 4 procedure?

You are a good candidate for All-On-4 if you fall into these categories

  • You have all or most of the missing teeth 

  • Sufficient jawbone structure and gum tissue in place 

  • You are committed to proper oral hygiene  

  • You have bone loss 

  • Good general health 

  • You don't smoke.

What should I expect after All-On-4 procedure?

After All-On-4 procedure, you can expect minor discomfort which can be reduced with pain killers. The recovery time lasts only a few days and you’ll gain the complete functionality of your jaws. Another benefit of All-on-4 restoration is that you regain your natural-looking smile with artificial teeth.

What is the recovery process after All on 4 procedure?

The recovery process of All-on-4 procedure is minimal. You might feel sore and experience bleeding and swelling in and around the mouth. 

You can reduce these issues with pain medication and apply an ice pack to the outside of the jaw area.

Choose All on 4 Dental Implants Package at West Dental Clinic in Izmir Now!

You can book this all-inclusive package for All on 4 NOBEL Dental Implants with Zirconia Crowns in Izmir at West Dental Clinic and save over 60% on costs back home! Experience a wonderful dental care and a vacation in this charming, old Turkish city. 

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