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Best Fertility Treatments at Quironsalud Hospital in Madrid, Spain

Package price starting from: $1120
Treatment: Fertility Treatment
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Affordable IVF Treatment in Madrid, Spain

Fertility Treatment in Madrid, Spain

Most Affordable Fertility Treatments at Quironsalud University Hospital in Madrid, Spain

Spain is one of the top global destinations for fertility procedures with 70% European performance. The regulation of the country is very "open-minded" in terms of fertility treatments, which attracts lots of international medical tourists. Some of the popular fertility treatments in Spain are Ovulation Induction, Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Micro-scale Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and Oocyte Donation and Sperm Donation. 

Being the largest hospital group in Spain and third-largest in Europe, Quironsalud is a popular destination among medical tourists who seek fertility treatment abroad. 

What is the Cost of Fertility Treatments at Quironsalud University Hospital?

Quironsalud University Hospital Madrid Prices
IVF Fresh Embryo Transfer 6,578€/ $7,220
Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle (patient/receipt) 2,541.50€/ $2,790
IVF-Freeze All 5,687.50€/ $6,240
Frozen Embryo Transfer Freeze All Cases 1,859€/ $2,040
Embryo Verification 1,020.50€/ $1,120
Ovodonation- Embryo Transfer 9,756.50€/ $10,707
Donation of genetic material from both parties (Ovules and Spermatoza) 10,380.50€/ $11,340
ICSI, culture to blastocyst stage (Day+5) included
Donor medication not included (1,000€/$1,100)

The amount reflected in this budget is an approximate estimate of the corresponding economic cost of the services purchased from the hospital, considering the usual services that would be required for this type of procedure. 

However, the said amount may vary depending on the evolution of the patient and/or need to modify the treatment or the application of other hospital services that were not foreseen beforehand.

Fertility Program Success Rates at Quironsalud Hospital

Concept-Quironsalud University Hospital Madrid Gestation Rates by Transfer % Transfers for Some RNV
IVF for patients of 35 Years 50% 50%
IVF for patients between 35 and 37 Years 50% 41.2%
IVF for patients between 38 and 39 Years 63.6% 57.6%
Ovodonation 54.1% 40.8%
Double Donation 50% 43.8%
CT Double Donation 56.3% 43.8%
Embryo Donation 42.1% 36.8%

Why Choose Quironsalud University Hospital?

  • Spain's leading hospital-management group and third-largest in Europe
  • Patient-driven approach and commitment to quality
  • Patients treated in their own language and provided with a case manager
  • Personalized treatment custom-made for each patient
  • Cutting-edge medical technology and advanced diagnoses/treatment
  • Highly experienced doctors and medical staff

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