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Breast Reduction in Istanbul, Turkey by Group Florence

Package price starting from: $3850
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
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Affordable Package for Reduction Mammaplasty in Istanbul

Breast Reduction in Istanbul, Turkey

Breast Reduction Package in Istanbul, Turkey

Improve your self-image, and achieve a breast size proportional to your body with an effective Breast reduction package in Istanbul, Turkey. Feel confident within your body after getting boob surgery in a top-rated plastic surgery clinic in Istanbul. Explore the beauty of Istanbul and save up to 60% compared to US and UK prices.

Florencell Aesthetic & Beauty Center is a world-class plastic surgery clinic in Istanbul, providing safe and high-quality cosmetic surgery to international patients. It has modern facilities and comfortable rooms for your pleasant stay.

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What is Breast Reduction Procedure?

Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts. This procedure is done on male and female patients with large breasts.

Breast reduction surgery can ease discomfort and help you achieve a breast size adequate for your body.

Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey at Florencell Aesthetic & Beauty Center

Breast reduction in Istanbul cost only $3,500. The exact procedure quality costs over $6,000 in the USA and the UK.




Istanbul, Turkey

Breast reduction


United States

Breast reduction


United Kingdom

Breast reduction



Note: For more information about the final price, contact the clinic directly. The price may vary depending on your condition and the complexity of the surgery. 

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Advantages of Breast Reduction in Istanbul

  • Reduces boob size
  • Boost confidence
  • More aesthetically appealing bosom
  • Enhance the overall proportions of the body
  • Relieves pain in your upper back
  • Affordable surgery
  • Vacation in Istanbul before the surgery

Reduction Mammaplasty Package Inclusions

  • Transportation airport – hotel – hospital (If transport by an ambulance is necessary, costs will be carried by the patient)
  • Arrangement of all appointments and procedures
  • Translation and Interpretation services
  • Arrangement of hotel/residence if requested (The accommodation cost will be carried by the patient)
  • Hospital stay, meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), TV with international channels, free WI-FI, air condition, and en suite bathroom
  • One accompanying person can stay with the patient, which is included in the cost.
  • Room service and laundry upon request. Extra costs may be incurred

Reduction Mammaplasty Package Exclusions

  • Accommodation
  • Airfare

Payment Options: Cash, credit card, wire transfer

Note: The center may require a money deposit once a patient decides to receive the treatment from the clinic.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey at Florencell Aesthetic & Beauty Center

Group Florence has internationally trained plastic surgeons. They have diplomas from prestigious schools and speak English fluently. 

The best plastic surgeon at Florencell Aesthetic Center is Sevgi Kurt Yazar. She speaks Turkish and English and has an M.D degree as a specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

Why Choose Istanbul, Turkey?

Istanbul is an exciting destination that attracts millions of tourists annually. It is known for its architectural wonders, vibrant streets, diverse culture, and many restaurants with traditional Turkish food.

Istanbul spreads on two continents, making it a modern and historic center of Turkey. The following tourist places are worth visiting in Istanbul:

  • Aya Sofia Mosque
  • Grand Bazaar 
  • Topkapi Palace 
  • Bosphorus Cruise
  • Blue Mosque

FAQs about Reduction Mammaplasty in Istanbul, Turkey

Who is eligible for breast reduction surgery?

The breast reduction procedure is usually done on women who have large breasts. also, if the following problems accompany large breasts, then this surgery is for you:

  • Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Chronic skin irritation under the breasts
  • Difficulty fitting into bras and clothes
  • Restricted activity
  • Poor self-image 

When a breast reduction isn't recommended?

A surgeon will not recommend breast reduction procedure if you 

  • Have health conditions such as diabetes or heart problems
  • Are very obese
  • Want to avoid scars on your breasts
  • Smoke

What to expect after reduction mammaplasty procedure?

You can consult your doctor to know what to expect from breast reduction and prepare for the surgery. Typically, post-procedure expectations include

  • Breasts will be covered with a gauze dressing or bandages
  • You should take pain medication and antibiotics
  • Breasts will probably feel sensitive
  • Limiting physical activity for up to four weeks while the breasts heal
  • Avoiding underwire bras for a few months after surgery

Although breast shape and size can change due to aging and weight gain or loss, the final result is generally permanent.

Book Now Affordable Breast Reduction Package in Istanbul, Turkey!

Professional plastic surgeons in Istanbul at Florencell Aesthetic & Beauty Center are committed to their patient's well-being. They offer an affordable boob surgery package to help you improve your breast aesthetics. Contact us for more information:

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