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Carolina Medical Center Treatment Cost in Warsaw Poland

ul. Pory 78, Warsaw, Poland

About Carolina Medical Center

     Welcome to the Carolina Medical Center! The Carolina Medical Center is one of the biggest and most modern orthopaedic hospitals in Europe. The Carolina Medical Center provides the highest standard of medical services to its patients, not only by using the newest equipment and technology, but also by giving patients the utmost comfort and reassurance during their recovery. We pay particular attention to the comprehensive treatment approach. Regular co-operation between specialists from various disciplines: orthopaedics, rheumatology, diagnostic imaging and rehabilitation is common practice at the Carolina Medical Center. Regular internal consulting among our team members ensures that we select the best treatment and enable our patients to recover quickly.     One of Carolina Medical Center's main assets is our highly qualified and experienced medical team. Our doctors and physiotherapists are required to constantly improve th

Carolina Medical Center Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total Hip Replacement Surgery: $9678 Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery: $15409 $9678
Knee Replacement Total or Partial Knee Replacement Total or Partial $11000
Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) Lumbar ADR - $12,000 / cervical ADR - $16,000 $12000
Carpal Tunnel Surgery Carpal Tunnel Surgery $5500
Meniscus Repair Meniscus repair from $4,500 $4500
ACL Repair Simple - $7,800 / complicated - $10,500 $7800
Arthroscopy Knee Arthroscopy from $4,500 / Hip Arthroscopy - $7,500 - $10,200 / Wrist - $4,300 - $5,500 / Ankle - $6,100 - $7,600/Elbow -$6,500 $4500
Hip Resurfacing Surgery Hip Resurfacing from $11,200 $11200
Shoulder Dislocation Repair Arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder from $5,700 $5700
Rotator Cuff Repair Arthroscopic reconstruction of the rotator cuff from $6,700 $6700
Elbow Surgery Elbow arthroscopy from $6,500 $6500
Orthopedic/Knee Surgery Orthopeadic consultation online/phone consultation $65
Orthopedic/Knee Surgery Spine specialist consultation online/ phone consultation $80