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Location : Bankowa 5-7
58-500 Jelenia Gora, Poland

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Hip Replacement Poland - Orthopedics - KCM Clinic

Best Hip Replacement in Jelenia Gora, Poland

KCM Clinic in Poland is a multi specialty treatment center offering almost everything a patient would need in medical services, starting with Specialist Clinics, through Diagnostics, Cosmetic Surgery, Orthopedics, Obesity, up to Rehabilitation.

The KCM Clinic is disabled-friendly and also regarded as patient-friendly hospital and child-friendly clinic. Collaborating with clinics in the USA, it gives access to the most innovative treatments and surgeries.

The hip replacement surgery becomes necessary when cartilage is severely damaged, smooth surface is lost and  the bone is left  exposed due to the inflammation of the joint. As cartilage wears off patient suffers from extremely intense pain and discomfort which limits the range of motion making it difficult to walk, take stairs and perform regular activities.


The most common disorders leading to the hip replacement:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Traumatic arthritis
  • Avascular necrosis

Hip replacement is seen as highly effective orthopedic solution to fix physical joint damage when physical therapy or other non-surgical methods do not help.


How much Hip Replacement Package Cost?

KCM Clinic is offering the best Hip Replacement Package for only $6.600. Based ont he patient experience and the clinic success rate, the package is a pocket saving option for international patients. 

Recommended number of days at the KCM Clinic is 11, but the situation is always evaluated and it may be shorter or longer accordingly. Patients generally recuperate within a few weeks and may return to normal activities within six to eight weeks. Depending on health, physical stamina and strength, many hip replacement surgical patients are able to fully recover range of motion and movement within a couple of months.

Trilogy Acetabular System

Offering a broad selection of shell and liner configurations, the Trilogy Acetabular System is designed to help restore kinematic function by addressing the challenges associated with primary and revision acetabular reconstruction. The full-hemisphere, modular system builds on the success of the Harris/Galante and HGP II Porous Acetabular Components. The complete range of sizes and options, combines with proven design features, makes it possible to select an acetabular component that meets both patient need and your preference.

Fitmore Hip Stem

The Fitmore Hip Stem shape is the result of close observations of individual anatomy in a large patient population in Europe and the USA. In order to provide optimal reconstruction options one important step became obvious during development: offset must be independent from stem size. As a consequence, three different medial stem curvatures were designed.

What Hip Replacement Package Includes?

  • Revision hip replacement surgery (cementless Zimmer endoprosthesis)
  • General anesthesia
  • 5 days hospitalization in the Surgery Department stay with doctor's care and 24h nurse's assistance, drugs
  • Pre-surgery consultations: internal, orthopedic, pre-anesthetic and cardiology
  • Complex Preoperative diagnostics - internal, cardiac and orthopedic diagnosis
  • CT/X-Ray of the Hip, Echocardiography, EKG, EKG-Stress test, Spirometry
  • Complete lab (blood type, TSH, FT4, Ft3, HIVAg/Ab (Combo), anti-HCV, HBsAg, anti-HBs, morphology, CRP, PT / INR, creatinine, urea, electrolytes, transaminases, lipids, glucose, HbA1, calcium, iron)
  • 3 days individualized hip physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Ground transfer form/to Wroclaw Airport and local transport
  • 6 days in a 3* Accor Mercure Hotel, including breakfast 
  • Personal host at KCM Clinic dedicated to your travel itinerary and medical travel program (complimentary)                                                                         

What are the benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery in Poland?

  • Reduced hip pain.                                         
  • Increased mobility and movement.                                      
  • Correction of deformity.                                           
  • Equalization of leg length (not guaranteed).                                     
  • Increased leg strength.                                             
  • Improved quality of life, ability to return to normal activities.                                               
  • Enables you to sleep without pain.


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