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Affordable Neurological Procedures Prices in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy by Dr. Gian Paolo Tassi

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About Dr. GIAN PAOLO TASSI | Neurosurgery Specialist

Treatment for Disc Hernia by PLDD or Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression alias PLDD is a medical procedure that uses laser beams to treat pain caused by disc hernia in back and neck. Over the past century, the traditional invasive laminectomy and discectomy procedures have been performed, yet since then, technology has improved and minimally invasive approaches have evolved. PLDD or Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression is the first of its kind procedure developed in the early 80’s. Over time, PLDD was fine-tuned by introducing an optic fiber inserted in the disc by X-ray guidance. The laser reduces the small portion of the inside disc material called nucleus pulposus. Since then, thousands of PLDD procedures have been successfully performed worldwide. PLDD procedure is an alternative for conventional back surgery (laminectomy). The procedure dramatically minimizes the incidence of scarring and other complications o

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Spinal Fusion Surgery Dr. Tassi have the world largest experience on PLDD with over 4,500 patients treated in 18 years and the lowets rate of complications (0,1% of infection ....one every 1,000 ). PLDD, the best and really minimal invasive tretament for slipped disc at a t $7.000
Spinal Fusion Surgery One of the most experienced team of neurosurgeon in Europe for the tretament of trigeminal neuralgia with minimal invasive treatment: percutaneous compression of the Gasser's ganglion. The top treatment at our top European international private cli $5000
Spinal Fusion Surgery The top and cutting edge technological implants for spine fusion at our top European private clinics in Italy. The Dr. Tassi's staff of neurosurgeons (n. 3) have performed in more than 30 years over 9000 spine fusion surgeries with 97% of excellent $19000
Spinal Fusion Surgery The use of the miscroscope and neurosurgical technique for the treatment of slipped disc not fitting the PLDD at our top European international private clinics in Italy. $15000

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