Baltic Health and Beauty Clinic

Baltic Health and Beauty Clinic

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vy?i?nai str. 24, Kaunas, Lithuania

Focus Area: Baltic Health & Beauty Clinic | Vilnius | Lithuania | Cosmetic Surgery | Breast Lift | Liposuction | Tummy Tuck Baltic Health and Beauty Clinic, Vilnius, Lithuania, Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Lift, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

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Baltic Health and Beauty Clinic, Kaunas, Lithuania

Welcome to Baltic Health and Beauty Clinic


Health and beauty are an important part of our life, they can determine our joy, success, and personal satisfaction. Even minor changes can impact our lives and make us feel better. That’s why improving health and beauty care are worth spending our time and money.

Baltic Health and Beauty Clinic are formed in 2009, located in wonderful Vilnius, Lithuania is offering state of the art treatments for domestic and international patients. The medical team consists of the best specialist in more than twenty fields. The best specialist in the region, high-quality equipment, and amazing reviews guarantee the best possible results.


Treatments and Procedures

•    Breast Augmentation

•    Breast Lift

•    Breast Reduction

•    Gynecomastia

•    Ear Surgery

•    Nose Surgery

•    Eyelid Surgery

•    Facelift

•    Neck Lift

•    Fat grafting to the cheeks

•    Lip Augmentation

•    Chin Implant

•    Browlift

•    Liposuction

•    Tummy Tuck

•    Buttock Augmentation

•    Arm Lift

•    Thigh Lift

•    Gastric Banding

•    Gastric Bypass

•    Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

•    Intragastric Balloon

•    Botulinum Toxin

•    Hyaluronic Acid

•    Mesotherapy

•    Biorevitalisation


Find out everything you need about Baltic Health and Beauty Clinic. Contact us and get a free quote for a reliable and safe cosmetic surgery abroad.

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  • Nadeem Siddiqui
    (1 out of 5) 16th May,2019

    I asked the cost of surgery but not mentioned


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