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Euromed In Vitro Clinic, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, opened its doors in 2010. Up to that year the clinic operated as a gynecological wing of the multifaceted Euromed Clinic. Now, the independent fertility treatment center is fitted with modern surgical equipment and doubled its number of qualified specialists.
Moscow Next Generation Clinic is an IVF and fertility treatment center in Moscow, Russia. Being one of the leading IVF centers in Moscow, we provide all services in the field of reproductive medicine. We carry out treatment of female and male infertility, genetics, andrology. Our donor cryobank is one of the largest in Russia (we have more than 450 oocytes donors, more than 150 sperm donors, more
  • Fertility Treatment from $2900
  • IVF with ICSI from $3366
  • IVF with Gender Selection from $4100
  • IVF with Egg Donation from $5700
  • IVF with Egg Donation and Gender Selection from $7000
  • IVF with Embryo Donation and Gender Selection from $3600

IVF Centre Russia

Moscow, Russia
IVF Center clinic is located in Russia and it is one of the leading fertility centers in the country. The clinic specializes in diagnosing and treatment of fertility issues, aiming at restoring the patient's reproductive health.

Nova Clinic Fertility Center

Moscow, Russia
All IVE and IVF Treatments and the most skilfull doctors in Europe. Available only at Nova Clinic Fertility Center in beautiful Moscow. In Vitro Fertilization at affordable prices is just a few clicks away!
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