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Speciality:Podiatric Surgery, Laser Foot Surgery

Location:Orlando | United States

About:Lectures held by Dr Cowin: United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico, and China. Some of the papers that Dr Cowin has authored have been translated into many languages and are studied b...

Speciality:Foot and Ankle Surgery

Location:Tulsa | United States

About:Andronica S. Handie, DPM, MS is a Foot and Ankle Surgery specialist focusing on foot and ankle trauma, in addition to forefoot and rear foot procedures, and ankle reconstructive su...

Speciality:Aesthetic, Reconstructive, CO2 Laser Surgeries

Location:Rio de Janeiro | Brazil

About: Born in March 13th, 1954, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, made the Middle and High School in Saint Ignacio Catholic School, R.J. Graduated in Medicine in Gama Filho University/RJ in ...
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