Terri Salazar Testimonial after Laser Eye Surgery in Mexico

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Terry Feels Satisfy After Laser Eye Surgery in Puebla Mexico

Terri Salazar Experience after Receiving Laser Eye Surgery in Puebla Mexico

Watch real testimonial Video of Laser Eye Surgery in Puebla Mexico from Terri Salazar. Book your consultation now at PlacidWay. Terri Salazar undergoes laser eye surgery in Puebla, Mexico by CVL--and the experience changes her life. She is now able to see clearly and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds her. This includes the stunning architecture of the city, the vibrant colors of the flowers, and even the stars at night.

How Laser Eye Surgery in Puebla Mexico by CVL Changes Terri Salazar Life

“I'm from California. So often I would message somebody from CVL and ask them if they could help me with certain things and I always received a prompt answer very thorough. I never had any questions because everything was always answered upfront because I trust everybody here.“

“Like I said, I would message a lot of people from CVL, I have cured opponents. So I had a lot of questions I heard from different doctors, different different things and I came here and the doctor was very straightforward. He was very kind, very, very nice and I trust him.“

“So it's been great. I'm so happy with the choice that I made. It was good throughout the surgery. Everybody was very meticulous and I felt like they were taking care of me. Um when I went home I slept a lot. I had some discomfort as it is when you have surgery.“

“But but nothing that I couldn't, you can't hold it, you know, despite everything, it was a pleasant experience. Well, like I said, like I said, I come from California. So I spoke to a lot of doctors from my area um and then I found a doctor Cantu here in puebla and it was a big difference every time I had an answer a question for him here.“

“He was very prompt, very, very thorough. And when I had to call doctors in California, it would take a week, two weeks for me to get an answer for me to get through to somebody. So the fact that they were very attentive throughout my whole experience here. It's been like I said, it's something I don't regret more than anything.“

“If I could bring everybody that I know that has an eye condition or cones, I would definitely tell them to come here. Um It's fantastic from, from the moment I was looking for a doctor and I searched for CVL to my experience. Now I feel like I, you know, I feel so comfortable and I'm so happy, so definitely recommended here. “

Why Choose Eye Surgery in Mexico by CVL

Here are several benefits of choosing Laser Eye Surgery in Mexico:

  • We provide safe and transparent procedures
  • Highly specialized Ophthalmology Center in Laser Eye Surgery
  • Effective and Hi-Tech procedures without cuts, without stress and without touching your eyes!
  • Greater safety and precision in the visual results of our patients
  • Cost-effective solution for Regenerative and Surgical Ophthalmology
  • 100 percent laser, robotic and computer-assisted procedure.

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