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KCM Clinic Poland Spine Surgery

Successful Spine Surgery in Poland

Testimonial of Sean B. from Colorado, US


Sean, aged 34, had suffered from the low back and bilateral groin pain for the last three years. He searched for professional treatment and overcame two L4-5 surgeries with even worse results. His pain in lower back was so severe that Sean decided to look for a professional hospital abroad.

He looked through medical tourism companies. He was looking for something economical and professional. He found some options in Mexico as well as in India, but the more he searched, the more concerns arose. His fears were about the professional spinal surgery itself and about the professional skills, experience and knowledge of the doctors.

The only solution to eliminate pain and come back to active life was a DIAM Spinal Stabilization System implanted in two levels. This kind of surgery of the spine is not FDA approved in US hospitals so patients have to pay for it out of their own pocket. KCM Clinic and Hospital in Jelenia Góra, Poland caught Sean’s attention.

He received an immediate answer from the specialists. The KCM Clinic International Patient Coordinator Team - Mrs. Dagmara Kaczmarowska and Mr. Philip Pasler decided to contact Assistant Professor StanisławKwiek MD, PhD,  the KCM Clinic head neurosurgeon. The specialist read all Sean’s examinations and documents, had an online interview with the patient in order to decide on his correct treatment.

The doctor’s examination confirmed the need for immediate surgery. After the contact with the professional staff, and the personal coordination process, Sean had no doubts to choose KCM Clinic. He came to Jelenia Góra.  A week stay in Jelenia Góra turned out to be a great success. Sean could stand and walk the next day after his surgery. He was back in his home town in Colorado, US four days after the surgery.

What is the most crucial, Sean feels no pain. All in all, his spine problems were solved. Within a week he was completely pain-free with a single prescription of medication. Sean is extremely positive about his experience in KCM Clinic.

He says “There’s no reason to be living in pain. It is obvious that I made a great decision coming to KCM Clinic. I was blown away by the level of care that everyone showed me. Philip was great, Dagmara was amazing, all the doctors and nurses were friendly and knowledgeable. Quite simply the best experience I could have hoped for.” Sean B., Colorado, US



This is only one of the many success testimonials which made KCM Clinic a renowned and acclaimed medical center. If you need more information about the treatments and procedures we offer, do not hesitate to contact us!

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