Cataract Surgery in Turkey Patient Testimonial

Center Name: Birinci Eye Hospital

Location: Cumhuriyet Mh., Atatürk Blv. No:5, 34520 Beylikdüzü
Istanbul, Turkey
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Cataract Surgery Patient Testimonial Turkey


I am Abdullahi B., a 48 years old diabetic patient from Abuja City, Nigeria and I have cataracts in both eyes.

A few months ago, I was a little surprised when I came for my yearly eye check with my ophthalmologist. I was only expecting that I need new reading glasses. I was in shock as I was told that I needed cataract surgery in both my eyes! Although I knew I was at risk of having cataract because of my diabetes, I did not expect that both my eyes will be easily affected. That explains the distorted images I have been seeing although I thought I had only noticed problems with reading subtitles in movies when watching television.

I had a lot of questions especially about my operation! To satisfy my inquisitive and worried self, I went online and researched to be more informed.  On my research, I saw a medical tourism website that offered affordable options for treatments abroad. I was excited and upon my search, I learned about PlacidWay. They had a lot of partner hospitals all over the world that offered eye treatment packages. I was astonished when I learned about the Birinci Eye Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. I have wanted to visit Istanbul as a tourist and I would take the opportunity once done with my eye operation.

I intend to come to Turkey to have the operation performed there. With the help of Placidway, my appointment and airport transfers to Birinci Eye Hosptial was arranged. Before my departure, I have met Op. Dr. Faik Orucoglu who specializes in Cataracts and Laser Surgery through Skype to do an initial health history.  She was very thorough and reassuring. Although we have scheduled my departure in 3 days, we have rescheduled because I had to be in topical non-steroidals a week before surgery, because I am a diabetic.

After 8 days, I departed for Istanbul. We had a wonderful flight and as soon as I arrived at the eye hospital, Dr. Faik started examination right away.  It is determined that I have severe cataract on both my eyes. Dr. Faik was very patient with us. She listened to all my queries, taking the time to calm me.  I was really nervous about the whole eye operation! She reassured me that the procedure will only take 15 minutes, and I will be given medications, for the anxiety. She made a thorough assessment and had explained all the information I need to know, so I decided to go have the surgery as soon as possible.

Besides Dr. Faik, the Birinci Eye Hospital staff were very caring - from the nursing staff down to the receptionist, who answered most of my concerns. It was convenient on our part that aside from airport pickup, our accommodations were also included. That was a relief!

The day of my surgery arrived. I had my right eye operation with detailed examination and analysis. I am lucky that everything went well. It helped that the operation room staff was caring and efficient. After this operation, I will come back after 4 days for another operation on my left eye. 

Cataract Surgery Treatment  Story Turkey


One week later after my cataract removal surgery, I felt better than ever! Of course, my eye operation was a total success! To my surprise, now I am able to read small letters without my eyeglasses. I had also discovered how gorgeous are the cities of Istanbul and Ankara! I enjoyed every minute of our city tours! Everything looks clear and the colours are so vivid. Wow! This is what I will miss!

A week later after my post-op check, I was astonished to hear from Dr. Faik, that I won’t be needing eyeglasses anymore. I am shocked and I feel joyful. I cannot believe it! My whole experience with Birinci Hospital was wonderful. In total, I only spent USD $3,500 which was cheaper because we had our travel details arranged and had tours! I am extremely grateful to Dr. Faik from Birinci Hospital and to PlacidWay for providing a one of a kind surgical/tour experience I will never forget.


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