After So Many Years Of Trying Miracle Happened At ReLife in Beijing China

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Stem Cell Therapy At ReLife, in Beijing, China

After So Many Years Of Trying, Miracle Happened At ReLife, in Beijing, China

Mrs. T has been suffering primary gonadal failure since she was still a teenager. She was discharged from our center at the end of January. She stayed at ReLife for a whole month receiving our comprehensive treatment. For the first three weeks, our doctors applied both therapies of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on her, as stem cell therapy, TCM methods including acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, dietary medications, Chinese herbal medicine, herbal medicine foot bath, ginger moxibustion, exercise, etc.

Then miraculous thing happened, on the second day of her period that month, our doctor did ultrasound check on her, and the ultrasound showed that her ovary produced 7 to 8 eggs from either side, which is a big step for her, because previously her left ovary only produced 2 eggs at most, while the right one produced nothing at all. And her overall condition gets much better than before. When she first arrived at ReLife, her feet and hands were cold, and her appetite was not so good that she thought eating was just a necessity, not an enjoyment. Her sleep was not good, she woke up two or three times at night before. After our treatment, she began to find food tasty and delicious, she only woke up one time during the night, and she feel her feet and hands warm now. She even showed us her fingernails, she said her nails grow faster than before and were not easy to break any more.

After her discharge, we maintain close correspondence with her via email and Skype. Three days ago, she sent us her recent ultrasound report she did in Italy, which shows her uterus has become slightly bigger than before. It means stem cells injected into her body are taking effect right now, her womb condition is improving now. ( the reason she couldn’t conceive, besides her primary gonadal failure, her womb size being too small is the other reason). She told us via Skype that her skin is also becoming better than before.

All these are proving that stem cell therapy and TCM are working on her in many aspects, her ovaries producing more eggs, her uterus growing in size, her overall condition improving, fingernails growing, and glowing face.

She is very satisfied with the improvements our medical team had done for her. And we have faith in her, step by step, her body will be fully prepared to conceive a baby. She could finally be able to make her marriage complete.

(Mrs. T is 45 years old, has been happily married for 17 years. In order to have a baby of her own, she had tried different kinds of therapies in German, Turkey and Dubai.)

ReLife International Medical Center in Beijing, China, was founded by Professor Zhang, a well respected physician with decades of experience in the health care field. Over the years, ReLife’s country leading experts combine state of the art technology with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Inspired by nature, ReLife is focused on bringing advanced, eco-friendly and safe treatments. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more!

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