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Clinica Oftalmologica del Caribe in Barranquilla, Colombia Reviews from Real Patients

Calle 85 50 37 Piso 9 Torre Médica Del Mar Calle 86 50 158
Focus Area: Ocular Pressure | Cataract Surgery | Eye/Lasik Care | Strabismus | Hypermetropia | Eye Laziness | Myopia | Presbyopia | Corneal Diseases | Lasik | Barranquilla, Colombia

About Clinica Oftalmologica del Caribe

Clinica Oftalmologica del Caribe has been opened in 1985 by Luis Escaf, MD, with the mission of becoming the main and first specialty hospital for the treatment of eye and visual diseases. The clinic's medical team consists of world renowned eye clinicians and surgeons offering the excellence in eye care treatments and procedures.

Eye/Lasik Care,Organ Transplant Reviews in Barranquilla, Colombia at Clinica Oftalmologica del Caribe

  • fontalvo

    excellent place

    Google Sep 13 2021
  • Victor

    Excellent attention, comfortable installation, very attentive doctors.

    Google Oct 02 2021
  • Cristian

    The best technology in the country.

    Google Sep 28 2021
  • Dios

    Excellent team of professionals committed to the visual health of their patients undergoing treatment...

    Google Apr 08 2022
  • Jose

    Good service and modern equipment

    Google Oct 07 2022
  • Edwin

    It is the best place to check visual health

    Google Mar 05 2021
  • Isabel

    Happy for the humanized treatment it gives you

    Google Mar 16 2021
  • Catalina

    Very cozy place, excellent service at reception. The optometrist took great care of me, excellent value for money. The truth is that it is enrolled in the Ophthalmology Clinic of the Caribbean.
    I will buy my glasses there!

    Google Mar 29 2021
  • Michelle

    Excellent and very professional medical service. The staff are always helpful and friendly.
    I recommend this institution.

    Google Apr 05 2021
  • jhon

    excellent place

    Google Apr 08 2021

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