Four Friends Getting Cosmetic Surgery Vacation in Costa Rica

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Four Friends Getting The Works in Costa Rica

Four Friends Getting "The Works" in Costa Rica!


"Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder and
in a Cosmetic Surgeon's Hands!


Have you ever thought about doing a cosmetic surgery for your birthday to make it even more exciting?

This is exactly what four beautiful women did to celebrate their friend's special day in Costa Rica! Below is their wonderful cosmetic tourism experience that brought them even closer and radiant at the same time!

Getting on the "Band Wagon"

Shannon, Judith, Donna and Ada are four friends who have been separated by their work and life choices. As Shannon's birthday grew close, she was considering a cosmetic trip to get rid of some of her aging signs. Now in her 40's, Shannon was considering leaving Honduras and enhancing her looks in Costa Rica - and thus, she reached PlacidWay thru Dubhe Licup as her Coordinator.

Soon enough, Shannon's group grew from one to two to three. "Several of my friends became interested in having cosmetic surgery once I told them I was seriously considering it. Of course, they would not like me to be more beautiful than them when I return renewed and younger looking!  So they got on the 'band wagon'."

Exploring Cosmetic Tourism in Costa Rica

The three friends had decided to go to Costa Rica not only because it was a great destination and close to the US and Honduras too, but also because of the cost savings and amount of experienced cosmetic surgeons per square foot."I had read about Medical Tourism as an option for cosmetic surgery at a fraction of the cost for having the same procedure in the USA. I started to do research online and found PlacidWay. I noticed several countries offering Cosmetic Surgery through PlacidWay and opt to check out Costa Rica due to its close proximity to Honduras Central America," Shannon said.

Customizing The Best Option

Shannon and her friends had multiple options for cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica. "I began contacting various cosmetic surgeons, I found that many of them, after receiving our photos, wanted to drastically change my looks and those of my friends.  Contrary to the massive changes suggested by other cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Rojas, requested a list of things we wanted done and he addressed our concerns thoroughly, and that was the very reason to why we choose him over the many others I had contacted. I was also impressed that Dr. Rojas worked under local anesthesia, so recovery time and complications would be at a minimum."


Choosing the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Costa Rica!

As the travel date gets closer, another friend of Shannon's, Donna from Oregon decided to join. Actually, there were supposed to be 5 girls in total, but, as it turned out - the 5th friend had some health problems and was advised by the doctor not to proceed with cosmetic surgery.

So almost everything was set: the cosmetic surgeon was chosen, the hotel was booked and so were the flights.The girls grew more and more excited and anxious at the same time, as the travel date was approaching: Would their surgery be ok? Are they going to love the hotel? Yet, the open communication between them, their surgeon and coordinator reassured them that everything will work out perfectly and this put their mind at ease.

Now, all that was left was for the four beautiful ladies to arrive and enjoy a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica!

Beautiful Ladies Exploring Cosmetic Tourism

Shannon, Ada, Donna and Judith were absolutely delighted with the care and the trip! As Shannon came to confess: "As with any surgery, there is always apprehension as to the possibility of something going wrong.  Our worries were put to ease after our private one-on-one consultation with Dr. Rojas and his staff. Since all of us gals arrived within the same time frame, surgery was scheduled close together so we would recover all at the same rate.  Nothing was rushed. Each patient - Ada, Judy, Donna and me were given the utmost attention to detail at the hands of a very skilled cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rojas. He and his staff gave us all great attention before, during and follow-up care."

All four beautiful ladies were on their way to getting even more beautiful in Costa Rica! Shannon,  Judith, Donna and Ada loved the doctor and the hotel too.

"Instead of a hospital setting where you are rushed to clear the room for another scheduled patient, Dr. Rojas works out of his clinic and offers all the care needed.  Dr. Rojas has two highly trained assistants, who right away make you feel at ease and special as one of their patients. The Hotel Casa Conde, where we stayed, is a very beautiful place with very gorgeous gardens and friendly staff. The breakfast that came with our hotel stay was excellent with an assortment of fruit, bread, eggs, rice, potatoes, pastry, and fresh juice, coffee or tea."

After the ladies got their procedures performed and went back to their hotel, the recovery period followed. They had to stay in their rooms for a period as their bruising and swelling diminished.

"After surgery we all looked pretty rough with swollen eyes, bruised faces, and bandaged. On our first day of recovering, we called for room service and when delivered we were presented with a bill. We talked to the manager at the front desk and let them know we did not choose to come to the dining area looking like we did. We felt uncomfortable and felt it was not pleasant for other guests. After discussing our concerns we were not charged for that service."

Dr. Gilberto Rojas Cisneros

"It was the first time I had catered to the cosmetic needs of a four beautiful ladies group", Dr. Rojas stated. "The follow-up and the removal of the stitches for the face lifts, eyelid surgeries and all the procedures that these ladies decided on were also carefully planned in order for them to look ravishing in the end. A taxi was always available to take them to and from the clinic in order for me to ensure that everything in their recovery goes smooth. I am very pleased with the result and I am honored to now call Shannon, Ada, Donna and Judy my friends and that, in turn, I also became one of their friends", stated Dr. Rojas.

"Everything was very well organized"

"These girls are very dear to me. I found their concerns natural and I tried to put their mind at ease by providing as much information as possible. They have been so nice to me and they treated me as a friend, which is what I always want when dealing with patients. I'm really grateful to have assisted them with their cosmetic surgeries and very proud that I didn't fail them with their expectations. This, I think, is the best reward one could get by working with PlacidWay- Friendship" Dubhe concluded.


Shannon and her ladies were all very happy with the outcome and made new friends in the process - PlacidWay's Dubhe and Dr. Rojas. After getting back home, Shannon emailed PlacidWay thanking for the girls' successful cosmetic trip:

"All us gals are more than satisfied with Dr. Rojas.  He is an exceptional cosmetic surgeon, shows passion and complete dedication to his work, gives each patient his total attention and time.

I have worked in the medical field as an Orthopedic Physician's Assistant in both the state of Michigan and Kentucky. No doctor who I have known or worked for has ever shown such compassion for his work.  I am grateful we had the opportunity to be one of his patients.  We all feel that our cosmetic surgery has been a great success.

Everything was very well organized between Casa Conde and Dr. Rojas office. I feel our coordinator for Placid Way was very informative and helped in every way possible to make our trip to Costa Rica hassle free. Thank you Dubhe! "


For more information regarding cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica and other cosmetic surgery vacations worldwide, contact us by clicking the button below.


Alexandra Brad

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