Best Aging Treatment in Thailand

Aging is a reality of life, but modern medicine has made remarkable strides in slowing the process. It is now possible to delay or prevent diseases and conditions commonly associated with advancing years. Nowadays a healthy, active and productive lifestyle can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, including those of advanced years. But it doesn't happen automatically.

The key to aging gracefully and comfortably is advanced planning done in conjunction with institutions like the Anti-aging Center at Bangkok Hospital. The Center is devoted not only to treating and combating problems experienced by the elderly but also to advising and helping those who are younger to make positive lifestyle changes that will prevent problems later in life.

The Center has an imposing staff of trained specialists who not only have their own state-of-the-art facilities, but the resources of the entire Bangkok Hospital Medical Center at their disposal. They use their expertise and an arsenal of modern technology to diagnose and to then prescribe treatments and lifestyle changes personalized to meet the needs of clients. The Center's services surround functional programmes, hormonal programmes and programmes involving changes in lifestyle.

The functional program is based upon the free radical theory of aging and the role played by antioxidants in the aging process. Oxidation is a chemical process that can damage cells and cause aging. Free radicals are substances that inhibit the oxidation of cells by being oxidized themselves.

An important part of the diagnostic program at this anti-aging center is an evaluation of the level of anti-oxidants possessed by individual clients. Are they adequate to protect against dysfunctions and damage caused by free radicals? If not, a variety of treatments are prescribed by specialists, including customised diets and dietary supplement programmes created by The Center?s pharmacists who are experts in compounding supplements to meet individual needs.

Hormones are chemicals released by endocrine glands and other parts of the body that travel through the bloodstream and have an impact on cells or on the body as a whole. Hormones are chemical messengers and typically impact metabolism, mood, reproduction, sexual function, and growth and development.

Hormone shortages and imbalances are at the bottom of many physical problems and can lead to premature aging. A variety of tests are administered at The Center to discover if this is a problem for individual clients. If treatment to restore balance is required, hormone supplements are prescribed and then carefully monitored by specialists. Only bioidentical hormones with exactly the same chemicals structure as those produced by the human body are used at this age-specialized center.

Initial visits to The Center involve an extensive interview that helps assess the client's lifestyle. This interview and diagnostic testing are important elements in subsequently designing programmes to restore vigour and improve health. Particular emphasis in the interview is placed upon analyzing the diet.

Weight problems are a dietary issue often associated with aging that take an enormous toll by precipitating chronic conditions like diabetes, joint conditions, and heart and coronary diseases. In addition they diminish the quality of life by leading to a curtailment of activities, a deteriorating self-image and a loss confidence. This age-concerned center has specialists and nutritionists who will create special weight loss programs involving lifestyle changes in diet rather than using drugs.

A sedentary lifestyle is frequently connected with issues of weight and aging. The Center's specialists in conjunction with client's interests develop exercise programmes designed to restore vigour, a loss in weight and a zest for life. Appropriate exercise is a lifestyle change that can not only have a positive impact on aging, but can also lead to a trimmer and fitter body. This in turn leads to improved self-esteem, restored confidence and an enhanced social life.

Psychological illnesses can affect the body and greatly increase the tempo of aging. In recognition of this fact, The Center offers a program for evaluating psychological problems and prescribing customised care by trained therapists. Treatments typically involve a holistic approach that promote mental health, stress reduction and the elimination of eating disorders and other problems that have a negative effect on aging and the quality of life.

The Anti-aging Center at Bangkok Hospital is devoted to making life more enjoyable for people of all ages by preventing problems and treating conditions that already exist. Its programs are not only designed to slow the aging process, but to restore vigour, good health and an excitement for life. If you want information or seek to treat an existing problem, now is the time to make an appointment for an interview.

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