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4/30/09 (Denver, CO) - PlacidWay, one of the fastest-growing medical tourism information and resource websites on the Internet, is announcing a combination of efforts between medical providers from Poland and Guatemala to increase exposure of affordable medical treatments in foreign destinations.

By partnering with such facilities as Medical Poland and Angels Abroad, PlacidWay continues to offer international travelers information and resources regarding accredited medical services, highly skilled medical personnel and most importantly, affordable medical care throughout Eastern Europe and Central America. Steadily increasing health care costs in the United States prevents many Americans from seeking necessary and often life-saving health care. Partnerships between PlacidWay and international medical providers such as that with Mr. Hugo Guzman, CEO of Angels Abroad and Mr. Adrian Gularek of Medical Poland continue to offer choices and options for Americans looking for quality yet affordable health care.

Technologically advanced facilities are cropping up throughout Poland, especially in major cities. Physicians, staff and facilities are accredited by reputable International medical accrediting organizations, and offer beneficial savings in treatment costs found for similar surgeries and procedures throughout Western Europe and the United States. Cities such as Bydgoszcz, Szczecin, Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw have become popular destinations for medical travelers from around the globe seeking affordable medical treatments.

Medical Poland is a very specialized medical tourism facilitator to enter the European Union market. Offering complex surgeries in neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, cosmetic surgeries and dental procedures, Medical Poland offers world-class and affordable medical tourism options. "Affordable medical treatment in Poland is founded on the principles of safety, professionalism, and patient satisfaction. Partnering with PlacidWay provides us with access to a global audience looking for such services," says Mr. Adrian Gularek of Medical Poland.

Says Pramod Goel, founder and CEO of PlacidWay, "Nurturing relationships with Medical Tourism facilitators like Medical Poland in Europe and Angels Abroad in Central America, PlacidWay continues to offer international medical travelers the best health care options. Both provide full-service medical tourism solutions with handpicked hospitals and doctors in respective countries that make affordable surgeries stress free."

Angels Abroad is one of the most well-known and active members of the Medical Tourism Association. Located in Guatemala, Angels Abroad provides services in the fields of spinal surgery, plastic surgery, obesity surgeries, orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiac, fertility, and gynecological procedures. High standards of care, training, experience and expertise await medical travelers to this little known but globally developing country in Central America.

"Partnership between PlacidWay and Angels Abroad will benefit our patients, as they will have readily available information about our surgeons and facilities. Our joint efforts are focused to instill confidence among our patients and ensure that they will receive high quality and affordable medical treatments in Guatemala. A lot of people just know about Guatemala's tourist attractions, but they don't know about our high quality hospitals and clinics and American-educated surgeons. They will know now," says Mr. Hugo Guzman, CEO of Angels Abroad.

High standards of care, skill, and accreditations and certifications from the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists continue to ensure the maintenance and development of high standards of patient care. Multiple facilities in the heart of Europe as well as Latin American destinations have sought and received JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditations and in many situations and locations have generated partnerships with American health insurance companies.

The benefits of affordable surgery and medical care abroad continues to entice consumers to choose foreign destinations for medical treatments to reduce wait times, costs, and enjoy the benefits of accredited and highly trained doctors and surgeon's expertise in a wide range of medical fields.

by: PlacidWay

2009-05-01 / Updated on: 2021-06-11

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