Organic Hair Transplantation in Istanbul Turkey

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Organic Hair Transplantation in Istanbul Turkey

The doctor for the first time in the world a solution for hair care for women and men at the same time, an organic hair transplant that allows you to enjoy your hair healthy, durable, and strong.

Way 'hair organic farming' developed after two years of research in laboratories Astiak International. In this method extracted stem cells from fat tissue of the patient and are injected into the scalp. In some cases, constitute a lack of quality of the area cultivated an important obstacle in the hair transplant process. This process is also linked to the cultivated area. The more this region Avaah and vitality, the results were the best in the end.

How do we process organic hair transplant?

Stem cells excised from the fatty tissue of the patient, after the fertilized injected into the place to be planted. In this way the future is increasing the size of the place and gives the surgeon more comfortable to carry out the process. Chemicals that are commonly used in normal hair transplant process does not need to in the hair transplant process organic. With this, we have avoided the harm that may be caused by these chemicals. Follicles excised from the donor area cultivated by the surgeon in place the future.

Advantages of the process of hair organic agriculture:

There are several advantages of stem cells injected during the process of hair organic farming.

  • Healthy hair, permanent and strong

  • Place more vital future

  • The easiest hair transplant

  • Avoid chemicals that are usually used in normal hair transplant process

  • Increase over the life of the bulbs planted

  • Positive results by 96%

Why the process of organic hair transplant?

The donor area and the roots of the hair are key components of the process of regular hair transplant. Follicles holla then grown in place the future. But usually in place bald future adipose tissue is very weak. Can be seen with the naked eye that the skin is very high in this region.

Live hair roots constitute a treasure of a man bald. But these roots can be lost after a failed attempt to transplant hair. It is also known that the chemicals used at regular hair transplant process to inflate the size of the cultivated area is harmful tissue.

Method of hair organic farming be a special solution to these situations. Fat stem cells injected into the place where the future provide more comfort for the surgeon to work and at the same time the health of most of the region receiving.

Hair Transplant organic and local fat stock

Organic hair transplant is also a solution to the problems of local fat stock. We get the adipose tissue to extract cells from fertilized local stock body fat because fertilized cells will be present there as a abdomen and buttocks. And so we have got rid of the fat accumulated thanks Jehantimor way for the transfer of fat.

After several changes in stem cells injected during the process of hair organic farming. One of the main reasons for hair loss is the weakness of adipose tissue as the skin was the explanation. After the injection flog scalp, regenerate cells and enhanced skin structure. And thus grow over the life and the quality of the bulbs planted. Hair stronger and healthier with the effect of rejuvenating the long term thanks to stem cells

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