Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures in South Korea

TOP 5 Cosmetic Procedures in South Korea, the Plastic Surgery Capital of the World

Asia has become the go-to destination for medical tourism as hospitals from Seoul to Singapore add technology and well-trained physicians to their teams. Industry experts say that medical tourism in Asia will grow at a rate of 15 to 20% a year, thanks in large part to an influx of newly rich people in China and elsewhere in the region, according to Reuters.

Based on reports in the popular media glorifying cosmetic surgery attitudes in East Asia, South Korean population has the highest rate of going under the knife in pursuit of beauty. Holding 24% of the world’s plastic surgery market share, it is no secret that South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. With such a demand for plastic surgery in this country, it is not surprising that there are hundreds of procedures to modify one’s appearance, and we selected five of the most popular, which are quite common amongst Korean girls and boys in their late teens and 20s.

Nose Surgery in South Korea

Whilst the main use of rhinoplasty (nose jobs) in the west is for making the nose smaller, Korea utilizes the procedure to get a more prominent bridge in the nose which is very attractive in Korean culture. Cartilage from the patient's ears or ribs can be used to build up the desired area. The  rhinoplasty’s cost in South Korea is between $4,200 and $5,500.

Eyelid Surgery in South Korea

One of the most popular surgeries by far, it aims to eradicate what is known as the "monolid", in order to achieve the "double eyelid". This is not a simple procedure, even though it may appear so. It takes about a year to have the expected results, and the surgery is carried out to make the eyes more open, expressive, and to achieve an enhanced look. This is usually done for both eyelids, and it involves the removal or repositioning of excess tissues. The cost is around $2,000 – $2,700.

Chin Contouring in South Korea

When it comes to the shape of the face, how the chin looks always matters. A protruding chin makes the face look masculine, while the small chin makes the face looks square. For example, the Korean ideal face shape is the infamous "V" face which is essentially a slender jawline with a sharp chin. In South Korea you will find the best procedures to make your chin look as you would like it, whether that means to have a reduction or to move the bones and reshape the chin.

This surgery can include either implants or fillers in order to define one's chin and give the face a more angular look. The implants may be prosthetic or even bone donated from the patient's pelvis or rib cage with which the implant will be fashioned from. This procedure often takes place alongside a rhinoplasty in order to balance out the facial features. The chinc contouring surgery’s cost in South Korea is around $12,000.

The facial bone contouring surgery is also popular. The procedure is carried out to make the face that looks large, wide and flat to appear smaller and delicate. It involves moving some tissues around and removing some bones to make the face appear smaller.

Liposuction in South Korea

This is the surgery that is carried out to reduce the body fat, especially the fat that doesn’t respond to diets or exercises. This fat can be moved to the areas where it is more useful. In South Korea, such procedures are safe and affordable; prices vary from $1,400 to $6,400 depending on the body area.

Breast Implants in South Korea

If you would like to look like your favorite pop star then South Korea is the place to go and get your breast implants. Chinese patients often arrive in South Korea with photographs of Korean celebrities they want to look like. Unlike some popular destinations for medical tourism like India and Latin America, South Korea has a well-functioning medical system and high medical standards. The breast augmentation surgery’s cost in South Korea is between $6,000 and $9,500.

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