6 Questions that can help you find the Right Dentist

6 Questions that can help you find the Right Dentist

6 Questions that can help you find the Right Dentist

Finding a dentist who can improve your smile is not an easy task. You must be able to trust him and in turn, he must let you feel comfortable.  Searching for the right dentist must be daunting for many, but it can be easy if you know the key questions to ask. Here at PlacidWay, we don’t only want you to get the best dental care anywhere in the world, but we also want you get the best dental experience. And because of that, we have compiled a list of common questions you should ask a dentist before you consider him to improve your smile and care for your oral health.

1. Is the dentist qualified?

Aside from a dentist’s license, you should also consider if the dentist is trained and experienced to perform dental procedures. He or she must have the latest knowledge and the right modern technology. You should also research on the reputation of the dentist. For example, since when has he been performing dental implants? What do his clients say about their treatment experience with him? During consultation, he/she must offer you a variety treatment options so you can decide sensibly. More than that, he should possess the expertise in performing dental procedures sans the complications.

2. Can I easily get in touch with my dentist?

Being able to easily call or communicate with your dentist is a must when it comes to considering him/her for your dental care. If he may hard to contact during a dental emergency (e.g. bleeding, crowns falling off), that maybe sign that he is not reliable.  Also during consultations, you should also consider how he answers the simplest of your concerns. If he does, that only shows his passion for his patients and his practice. It may also be a plus if he has a dental secretary or a patient service unit to always assist or answer your queries about procedures, prices and especially concerns.

3. Does his clinic possess the latest and necessary technology?

Aside from the dentist’s qualifications, you should also explore the type of equipment he uses to treat patients. The newer the technology the faster and easier it is to perform dental procedures. There are also advanced techniques your dentist should be able to perform - so that results and patient recovery are faster. You should not forget to check infection control practices and methods like using face masks, eye goggles and gloves during any treatment procedure and if dental instruments (e.g. dental explorers, periodontal probes) used were newly sterilized. There are dental clinics that have these amenities.  All you need to do is be patient in probing. 

How to Find the Best Dentist

4. How does the dentist guarantee his work?

Common dental complications such as excessive bleeding or infection may not be avoided (e.g. the patient may have contributed to his infection). The more important thing is that your dentist must be able to guarantee that if something unexpected does happen, he will be there to treat and compensate you if something doesn't go as planned. This means that you need to check the warranty terms of the dentist you're considering. Check and weigh such and decide on a clinic that makes you feel secure. A dentist who does not offer a warranty if unexpected events happen is a warning sign.

5. Are the treatment prices affordable or fair?

Dental treatment fees may be costly especially if they are major dental work such as dental implants. But there are other options such as medical tourism in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, and Turkey. Travelling to these countries can let you save 70% of the price compared to fees you pay in your home countries. Other than that, you can get financing options to make payments easy on your budget and schedule.  This is definitely one of things that you have to include on your list when you look for a dentist or a dental clinic.

6. Is my dentist a member dental associations such as the ADA?

Membership with dental associations such as the American Dental Association (ADA) shows credibility in following the highest ethical standards. Mostly in Mexico, dentists strive to have memberships with ADA as most of medical travelers are US citizens. Also, becoming members of ADA also means that these clinics have accomplished requirements that only a few are qualified.  

We hope that by gathering these questions, we can help you search and organize the dental treatment you need. You can also explore our website and browse through dental clinics all over the world. Here at PlacidWay, we care about your dental care needs and we want you to receive the best, safest and high-quality dental care anywhere in the world!

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by: Patricia Perez

2015-11-16 / Updated on: 2021-01-08

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