Wellness Tourism: the Future in Health

05/22/09 (Denver, Colorado) Americans and other international travelers are flocking to health retreats to enjoy the benefits of wellness tourism offered by exotic, high-tech, and effective facilities around the globe that offer affordable executive health checkups, medical spas, antiaging and beauty treatments, detoxification and health retreats that focus on wellness and preventive care.

Health and wellness tourism is especially popular in Europe. PlacidWay, a Colorado-based online resource for foreign medical travel and health tourism, is a key force in this growing market. PlacidWay is a fast growing medical tourism resource that offers in-depth profiles of medical facilities found around the globe including accredited and world-renowned hospitals and clinics located throughout Asia, Latin America, South Africa, and Europe. PlacidWay continues to research and carefully select medical healthcare facilities and physicians to add to their growing network of resources for consumers searching for affordable yet quality healthcare and services.

PlacidWay recently added two new medical tourism destination centers to their database; the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland, and Terme Selce, located in Croatia. One of the leading and most popular health spas and golf resorts in Switzerland, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers expert and quality care in fields such as sports medicine, obesity and nutrition, rheumatology, mental health, beauty and radiology. Over 70 staff members include specialists, consultants, and therapists, all certified and accredited in order to provide quality patient care and technologies. Daniela Krienbühl, Sales Manager of Medical Health at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz says, "The diversity of various medical disciplines allows us to undertake a thorough, holistic evaluation of every individual. We offer total healthcare, from preventive care to aftercare. The medical-therapeutic program is based on the centuries old tradition of Bad Ragaz and the healing powers of the thermal spa water from the Bad Ragaz spring which forms the basis for a unique synthesis of wellbeing and health. Good health is our most precious possession. Our alliance with PlacidWay will allow us to make our services available to a global marketplace for health and wellness medical tourists."

Switzerland is one of the most gorgeous and luxurious of destinations, not only for many Europeans, but Americans and other international travelers. Offering the best in medical technology and state-of-the-art facilities, Switzerland is growing to be one of the most popular medical destinations around the globe in the decade.

Facilities in Croatia are also growing in popularity, especially with those such as Terme Selce, a high-tech facility that offers physical therapy, weightloss programs, restorative and rehabilitative care, stress management, osteoporosis, anti-rheumatic program, and sports programs including prevention, diagnostics and therapies. Miljenka Pavlakovi? of Terme Selce says, "Terme Selce utilizes innovative methods and the newest technologies to provide the ultimate in physical therapy and methodologies. For the last twenty years, we have worked on developing unique and effective methods to create programs that ensure quick recovery and increased treatment results."

The popularity of crossing borders for medical health needs has never been more apparent. Says Pramod Goel, founder and CEO of PlacidWay, "People from all over the world are traveling to these exotic destinations to seek the best kind of experience. Medical travel offers the best of affordable ultimate vacation destinations combined with superlative, expert and certified care in a variety of medical fields. PlacidWay is dedicated and devoted to providing consumers with reliable and up-to-date information regarding such destinations."

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