What are my choices these days for Anti Aging Treatments such as Stem Cell

What are my choices these days for Anti Aging Treatments such as Stem Cell

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What are my choices these days for Anti Aging Treatments such as Stem Cell

What  are  my choices  these  days  for Anti  Aging  Treatments  such  as  Stem  Cell

Aging is a natural process and yet it can be an unnerving experience too! Aging brings with it a change in the overall personality and not to mention the fact that it can be quite the de-motivating factor in your life. There are some obvious signs of aging like wrinkled skin, streaks of gray in the hair, change in posture, pain in the joints, forgetfulness, and an increased susceptibility to infection.

Aging is quite a complex process by itself wherein cells within the human body suffer from progressive damage over a period of time finally leading to death. Most signs of aging are visible from 40 years of age.

The question that most people come face to face with is - are there any anti aging treatments?

Stem Cells – What You didn’t know!

In the last decade, medical science has undergone a major facelift and has witnessed several breakthroughs in areas that were thought to be extremely inaccessible. One such area is that of anti-aging. Yes, today, there are several anti-aging solutions available but using stem cell therapy is the most popular of them all.

What is a stem cell therapy and what does it really do?

In order to understand how and why stem cell therapy is being used for anti-aging treatments, it is important to identify and understand what they really are and where they come from. Stem cells are also known as Hematopoietic stem cells and they can be found in the bone marrow and blood. They are basically undifferentiated biological cells that have the ability to differentiate into several specialized cells. These cells can also divide through the process of mitosis to produce several other stem cells.

These naturally occurring stem cells can be classified into two types, which are:
  1. Embryonic stem cells: These cells are isolated from the inner cell mass of blastocysts.
  2. Adult stem cells: They are found in various tissues throughout the body. They are also known as somatic stem cells.

It is the adult stem cells that are used most commonly for anti aging treatments.

Stem Cells - The Best Anti Aging Solution

Stem Cells - The Best Anti Aging Solution

Using stem cell therapy for anti aging is like using a magic wand to turn back the clock by almost 20 years. Doesn’t that sound promising?

The good news is that this is not just promising but it is one of the most "re-defining" solutions available to medical science. What really happens is that a process called "plasticity" is applied where a stem cell derived from the bone marrow or tissues is transformed into another type of stem cell. Different stems cells have different functions in the human body including repair like a stem cell producing blood cells can be transformed to a stem cell producing tissue.

Mesenchymal stem cells are one of the most commonly used stem cells for most stem cell backed procedures including anti aging treatment. Mesenchymal stem cells exist in the bone marrow, in fat cells, and also circulate through blood. The Mesenchymal stem cells are crucial to several orthopedic procedures and are commonly used for replacement and repair of damaged tissues.

Now, when people age, the mesenchymal stem cells undergo progressive damage and this is one of the main causes of aging. The positive point here is that the number of hematopoietic stem cells and fat mesenchymal stem cells stay almost relatively constant.

Normally, if stem cells are injected into a specific area of the human body as a part of the anti aging treatment then they will not be able to bring changes in isolation. These stem cells require Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to help them function.

This is primarily because Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) affects them directly and facilitates the stimulation of proteins and growth factors. These factors signal the human body to send stem cells to the affected area and thus initiate reproduction of the stem cells.

The stem cells applied in anti aging therapies across the world play an important role in stimulating, restoring and regenerating major areas or systems in the human body like the hormonal, immune, and circulatory system. This leads to improved function by internal organs causes energy levels to become higher, provides a variety of cosmetic effects like sparkling eyes and better skin color.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Anti aging treatment using stem cells can provide the following benefits:

  1. Cosmetic effects: greater skin elasticity and regeneration, better skin tightness, and higher hair growth
  2. Improvement in sexual or libido functions
  3. Energy levels: It leads to higher energy levels, which are almost similar to what you experienced in your early 30’s
  4. There is an increase in physical power and improvement in capacity to work
  5. Normalization of functioning of internal organs
  6. Boosts immunity leading to prevention of different age-related diseases
  7. Improves memory and mental capacity
  8. Reduces pain in the joints and muscles
  9. Provides relief from chronic fatigue

This is not all; the stem cell therapy for anti aging is completely safe and uses a minimally invasive procedure.

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