Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexico

Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexico

here are many women who at some point in time of their life decided that they didn't want pregnancy and opted for tubectomy or Tubal Ligation. Times change and desire to have another child can be overwhelming. The most common question that women ask is - Can I have another child even if I have undergone Tubal ligation? Is there a solution at hand?

Yes, there is definitely a solution at hand! In fact, this is one of the reasons why Mexico has become the most sought after destination for Tubal ligation reversal procedures. Mexico, famous for its beaches and diverse landscape is now seeing an increase in medical tourism patients wanting a Tubal reversal. Every day hundreds of people travel across the border to seek tubal ligation reversal in Mexico. The question is why Mexico?

Cost plays a vital Role!

The single most important factor that is driving people across the US border towards Mexico for Tubal Ligation reversal procedure is the cost. Yes, it is definitely a cheaper procedure as compared to the US or some of the other countries in the world.

The cost of this procedure in the US can vary from one state to another. There are clinics in Florida that charge $5,755 for this procedure while in the state of Missouri; the cost can vary from $4,000 to $6,000.  What would a $6,000 surgery include? It includes facility fee, anesthesia fee, and Physician fee. This procedure is promoted in the form of a package and includes a pre-op visit with the physician as well as blood pregnancy test done during the visit.

This is where Mexico stands apart!

You can drive down to Mexico from the USA and the average cost of the procedure varies from $2,650 to $3,000 and this is the cost of a package. You can actually end up saving a minimum of $1,000. Now, here is the real deal! The Tubal Ligation reversal package in Mexico includes the following:

  1. It includes all types of pre-operative tests and examinations
  2. The package is inclusive of any surgical costs like surgeon fee, anesthesia, hospital stay, equipment, and nursing care
  3. If you are admitted into the clinic then medications and meals are included during your stay
  4. Some of the top hospitals or clinics provide night stay option within this cost in the hospital premises or at a local hotel
  5. You can benefit from assistance provided by the Case Manager
  6. When you choose the package, the hospital is referred based on your travel itinerary as well as medical travel program 
  7. The package also covers ground transportation to and from the hospital to the San Diego or Yuma Airport. It also includes transportation between your hotel and hospital

You get all this and still save $1000! No wonder Mexico is the new hub of cheap Tubal Ligation reversal in the world!


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