Cosmetic Surgery & Sex Change in Thailand

Beauty and Sex Change Procedures

5 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand

re you looking to undergo beauty procedures like a face lift and laser skin tightening or contemplating something as drastic as a sex change procedure? If yes, then you do not have to look beyond Thailand, which is usually called the world’s gender reassignment capital. The country is also extremely popular for its beauty procedures.

Below we will discuss 5 reasons why Thailand is expanding in beauty and sex change procedures and why the country has become the new Mecca for sex change enthusiasts.

  1. Thailand has an abundance of highly trained and experienced surgeons with respect to both beauty and sex change procedures. The country prides itself in providing male-to-female sex change surgeries and you can literally get any beauty procedure you can dream of, including plastic surgery, laser skin tightening, thread lift, wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers and varicose veins, etc.
  2. Both types of surgeries are very affordable in Thailand compared to countries like the US, the UK and most other European countries. These surgeries and procedures cost as much as 60% lower than the aforementioned countries. This explains why people are flocking here in huge numbers. More importantly, as a patient low cost doesn’t mean a compromise in quality as medical facilities in Thailand comply with stringent legal requirements and strictly adhere to internal quality control procedures.        
  3. For people considering sex change, Thailand is just the best spot because the country’s culture is very open-minded towards gender identity. The country has one of the largest transgender populations in the world and you will not feel isolated or alienated after your procedure. Take my word for it. 
  4. Food is another great attraction for medical tourists who enjoy Thailand’s spiciest, sumptuous and tangiest tom yum soup from roadside stalls. Others try fresh yellow chilies and rice with spicy stir-fried crabmeat, which is a tourist’s staple.
  5. Thailand is an exotic destination for travelers and you will, like most others, get addicted to the rambling and sprawling metropolis of Bangkok. People love it because they receive royal treatment and a relaxed surgical environment, which reduces the stress associated with medical surgeries.  You can alternatively choose Phuket as your surgery and holiday spot and bask in the sun on beautiful beaches while enjoying the vibrant nightlife.

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