How Much Does Stem Cell Therapy Cost Abroad

How Much Does Stem Cell Therapy Cost Abroad?

Looking for a stem cell therapy or treatment can be quite problematic, especially if you are in a country like the US or the UK, where such treatments are not only extremely expensive but also, in some cases, awaiting approval from their local food and drugs regulatory governmental agencies, which means that they are unavailable. For these reasons, people from these countries choose to travel abroad in search of good treatments.

When travelling, there are certain things that you have to pay attention to, and one of the most important factors when deciding where to go is the cost of the treatment package and its inclusions. But first, let’s see what stem cell treatments are all about.

Overview of the Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cells are the cells within our own bodies that serve as the repairing blocks of the organism. Their purpose is to divide endlessly and to replace the destroyed cells around the organism. Their main advantage is that they can differentiate into any of the 220 types of cells found in the human body. These ‘repairing’ skills bring much hope for the future, as it is thought that stem cell treatments could be used to treat and completely cure even such “no-hope” diseases as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and diabetes and cancer.

These cells are located in multiple points in one’s own body, and they can be extracted, processed and then injected back into the patient. These cells are called Adult stem cells. It is also possible to extract cells from the placenta and the umbilical cord after the birth of a baby (and these cells can be “banked” for use in the future), and from embryos of aborted babies (which causes controversies all around the world and is one of the reasons why stem cell treatments and research are not allowed in some countries).

Stem Cell Therapy Cost

Stem Cell Therapy Cost

Globally, the prices of stem cell treatments and therapies depend on multiple factors and they are far from standardized in most countries of the world. The price is affected by things such as the overhead costs, the availability of treatment (fewer available treatments means that the price is higher), the quality of the treatment itself, and the regulations of the home country. Also, most stem cell treatments are personalized and the dosage can vary from one patient to another, which complicates things about the pricing even more. Through Placidway, the least expensive stem cell treatment package is priced at $2,000 for a Knee Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico, while the most expensive the package for Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapies in the USA at $51,247. The average price for these treatments world-wide is around $10,000.

Popular Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cell treatments can be used to treat a wide variety of diseases and there are only few areas of medicine where they cannot be applied. While you should be cautious about their potential and their current applications (it is not, after all, a miracle cure), some treatments have shown to be extremely reliable both through clinical trials and their regular use. These treatments are, at the same time, among the most popular:

Most Popular Stem Cell Therapy Destinations

Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Mexico

When it comes to US citizens, Mexico is popular for a wide array of different medical procedures. Simply, the overhead costs for medical centers are much lower here, which allows them to charge at much less than they would in the US. It is also not extraordinary to find US doctors opening clinics here in order to provide treatments at lesser costs.
Talking especially about stem cell treatments, the costs in Mexico run, on average, around $8,000, but can go as high as $35,000 for Congestive Heart Failure, and as low as $2,000 per knee for Knee Regenerative Therapy.

Stem Cell Treatment Cost in India

India has recently seen significant advances all across medical fields. They are quickly becoming one of the most sought after destinations when it comes to medical tourism, and their advances in medicine encompass the latest technologies such as the stem cells. Indian medical personnel are dedicated to constant improvement and they always strive to bring the best to their patients.
The costs for stem cell treatments in India average around $9,600, with the least expensive treatment currently found being the Stem Cell Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis at $5,000, while the most expensive is the Adult Stem Cell Therapy, which costs around $30,900.

Stem Cell Treatment Cost in Germany

Germany is at the forefront of medical advancements, both in the field of stem cells and in other medical fields. German tenacity and attention to detail has translated easily into medical research, which is why their treatments, while being slightly pricier than in the other countries on this list, are considered to be among the best in the world, while German regulations guarantee that any certified treatment will be safe and produce results. The average price for stem cell treatments in Germany is around $11,500, and the lowest price starts at $6,790 for a Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment, while the most expensive is the Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer, whose price starts at $33,500.

Stem Cell Therapy Cost in South Korea

South Korea has recently become popular around the world as the clinics there offer treatments for the so called “no hope” diseases, such as the ALS, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, etc. As these treatments are rare across the world, this is reflected in the price, but they are still not as expensive as in some other parts of the world. The average price for Stem Cell Treatments in South Korea lies around $10,000, with the most expensive being the treatments for these “no-hope” diseases, which all start at $20,000, while the least expensive stem cell treatment starts at $4,100 for Hair Loss Treatment.

Why is Stem Cell Treatment so expensive in some places?

The difference in prices comes from a few factors which all drive the price in each country either up or down. For some countries, like the US, the stem cells are still not sufficiently researched and, while they hold enormous promise for the future, they still haven’t been properly regulated and many clinics still don’t have proper certifications. This drives the price upwards, as the clinics which have obtained the certification benefit from the lack of competition. The other factor is the overhead costs of clinics, which can be quite high in some countries (usually in the more developed ones). Finally, the price of R&D for stem cell treatments is far from small, so these costs also have to be covered through treatments.

Choosing the Right Clinic for Stem Cell Therapy

While the price is a significant factor, there are other things which are important to consider when choosing a stem cell clinic. The most important factors are the qualifications of both the clinic and its staff and their previous experiences with stem cells, as well as the clinic’s facilities. These have to be satisfactory and can tell you a lot about the service and the treatment that you will receive.

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