How Much Does Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Cost?

What is the Cost of Cosmetic Surgery Abroad?

Looking for a cosmetic surgery or treatment is not easy for many reasons, notably because of the high cost that these elective treatments incur on the patient. Also, it is highly important to do proper research about the procedure that you want to do, and to make sure that the clinic that you’ve chosen to carry it out has all the required certifications and that its staff has proper qualifications and experience.

The high costs of these procedures makes the price one of the most important factors when deciding on a destination. It is also the main reason why people choose to leave their own countries to get under the knife. Cosmetic and plastic surgeries are the driving force of medical tourism worldwide, and the highest percentage of all medical procedures done abroad are these types of treatments.

Overview of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic and plastic surgeries comprise all those treatments and procedures which are done to enhance the look of the patient in some way. They usually imply having a surgery, but it is not always the case. Cosmetic surgeries are elective procedures which are usually not covered by insurance, as it is not medically required; it is more a desire of the patient to alter some part of their body. On the other hand, some forms of plastic surgery can be covered by insurance, as they are required due to injury, other procedures and surgeries, or some pre-natal or developmental defect.

These procedures are carried out by specialists in cosmetic surgery and range from simple, minimally-invasive procedures to those which require more invasive techniques.

What is the Cost of Cosmetic Surgeries Worldwide?

What is the Cost of Cosmetic Surgeries Worldwide?

Through the influence of different factors, the prices of cosmetic and plastic surgeries vary greatly from one country to another. The prices depend on many things, but most notable factors are the overhead costs (the costs that medical centers have to pay for wages, rent, marketing, and similar costs), the quality of the treatment, and the regulations in the country (some countries require the clinics to pay warranties for botched surgeries, for example). Also, some cosmetic procedures need to be personalized for each individual patient, which makes their price more uncertain.

Browsing through Placidway, you can see that the average price for cosmetic and plastic surgeries is $3,451. The prices can go as high as $56,400 for a mommy makeover procedure in the US, or as low as $300 for a nose job in South Africa. Given that the average stands at $3,000, it can be deduced that most of the procedures are somewhere near that price and that both the cheapest and the most expensive procedures can be considered exceptions. 

Popular Procedures

Cosmetic and plastic procedures can be done on most parts of the body, wherever the patient feels they are required. However, global surveys and research shows that some procedures are more popular than others, year after year. Worldwide, people look for these treatments the most:

Most Popular Destinations for Cosmetic Surgery

What are the Most Popular Destinations for Cosmetic Surgery?

South Korea - $500 - $15,100

South Korea has become a premium destination in recent years for all foreign patients who wish to have corrective surgery. The reason for this is that South Korea has an abundance of highly skilled medical staff, specialized in cosmetic and plastic surgery, which perform these operations. These kinds of surgeries are also highly valued by the general public, and there are even a couple of TV shows which deal with them. The least expensive procedure that you can get in South Korea is the Dimple Creation procedure, which costs a minimum of $500. The most expensive is the highly-popular Abdominoplasty procedure, at $15,100, while for $3,000 less you can get a liposuction. The average price for cosmetic procedure in South Korea is $4,292.

Thailand - $270 - $6,300

Thailand has established itself as the world’s capital in sex reassignment surgery, and, as such, plastic and cosmetic surgeries are not far off in quality. Flocks of people visit every year to either have a sex change or improve some part of the body, as medical tourism has become one of the major sources of income for this country. The added bonus is that corrective surgery is relatively cheap, which attracts even more people, while their results speak for themselves. The average price of cosmetic surgery in Thailand is $2,745, but the highest price that you can pay is for is $6,300 for a mommy makeover procedure. The lowest price is for lip surgery, which starts at $350

Poland - $226 - $8,124

Poland is the recently discovered gem for cosmetic surgery. As a member of the European Union, their clinics guarantee a high level of professionalism and also a high level of infrastructure development. On the other hand, their position in the EU allows them to not charge as much as the other developed countries, as they still have fewer overhead costs. In Poland, it is possible to find an eyelid surgery which starts at only $226, which is the lowest costing cosmetic procedure there; on the other hand, the most expensive is the breast reduction surgery, which costs $8,124. The average price that people pay for a cosmetic procedure in Poland is $2,295

India - $500 - $7,000

India has always been a haven for cheap medical procedures. The number of clinics and the number of doctors makes the competition very fierce, which goes hand-in-hand with low prices. However, India has also seen significant medical advances in the recent decades, which, while it did not affect the prices in a significant way, vastly improved the reputation and the skills of doctors. This is why today it is possible to find a quality lip augmentation surgery for just $500, which is also the cheapest procedure available. The most expensive cosmetic procedure here is the liposuction, which is available for $7,000. The average price of cosmetic surgeries in India is $2,215

Mexico - $350 - $15,374

Mexico is a hugely popular medical tourism destination in all branches for the people from the US. While the costs are a bit higher than in other countries on this list, Mexico benefits from low transport fares for US residents and significantly lower medical prices than those in the US. Also, Mexico has a lot of expat US doctors opening their clinics, as they find that they can provide specialized care for US citizens, with corresponding quality, at far lower prices. The average price for a cosmetic procedure in Mexico is $3,695. The highest that patients have to pay here is a Body Lift procedure, which costs $12,000, while the cheapest procedure is just $350 for Fat Transfer procedure. 

Why is Cosmetic Surgery so expensive in some places?

Cosmetic Treatments are elective procedures and, as such, are deemed a luxury (except in cases where reconstructive surgery is required due to illness, an injury, some pre-natal or developmental defect, or another surgery) in most parts of the world. Since it is a luxurious practice, it also comes with a luxurious price tag. Some countries, like the US, also impose additional monetary burdens on their doctors, which drives the prices of the procedures even higher. 

Choosing the Right Clinic for a Cosmetic Surgery

While we understand that the price is among the most important factors when making a decision about where to go for a cosmetic procedure, we recommend that you also take in other factors. A low price tag may lure you to go for it, but first you need to check the qualifications and the experience of the doctor and get in touch with them and ask some questions. The outcome of the surgery will either change you for a long time, or force you to have another surgery, so it is very advisable to be 100% certain about choosing a clinic which will do your cosmetic procedure. We have provided some advice as to what you should look for when choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic and which questions you should ask from a cosmetic surgeon, so be sure to check them out.

If you have any questions, or you wish to get a free quote for a procedure that you are interested in doing abroad, be sure to contact us!

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