10 Best Urologist in the World

Urology is a field which works closely with other fields to check for, prevent, and cure problems with kidneys, bladder, urethra, and male reproductive organs. Anything related to producing and passing urine falls into the field of urology. Because of this, urologists have to work together with gynecologists, internists, nephrologists, venereologists, etc. Finding skilled and experienced urologists is not easy, as there are only a few in most countries. However, with the advent of medical tourism, people from around the world now travel beyond their borders to have their urinary tracts checked for problems, to get a second opinion, or to cure a disease related to the urinary tract or male reproductive organs. Most of the time, urologists deal with diagnosing the problems related to urinary tracts, but they are also called upon when it comes to treatment.

Some of the most common urological procedures include: CT kidney scan, cystography, therapy for prostate conditions, kidney ultrasound, lithotripsy, trans-urethral resection of the prostate, circumcisions, and vasectomies.

10 Best Urologist Surgeons in the World



Dr. Nuri Delikara


Dr. Victor Manuel


Dr. Hakan Cakici


Dr. Emin Sarioglu


Dr. Ahmet Tunc Ozdemir


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The realm of urology, like all medical specialties, boasts numerous talented professionals who've made significant contributions to the field. While it's challenging to pick the absolute best, based on various accolades, patient testimonials, and peer reviews, here are some of the top urologist surgeons from around the world.

1. Dr. Nuri Delikara

Renowned for his expertise and innovative approach to urological treatments, Dr. Delikara is a leading figure in Turkey's medical landscape. With numerous publications and an active role in international urology conferences, he has made a mark on the global stage.

2. Dr. Victor Manuel

Mexico's pride in the field of urology, Dr. Manuel, stands out for his extensive research and groundbreaking surgical techniques. His dedication to patient care and his commitment to advancing the field have earned him accolades both nationally and internationally.

3. Dr. Hakan Cakici

A pioneer in minimally invasive urologic procedures, Dr. Cakici has transformed the way surgeries are approached in Turkey. His focus on patient-centric care, combined with his technical prowess, makes him a sought-after name in urology.

4. Dr. Emin Sarioglu

Dr. Sarioglu is celebrated for his mastery in complex surgical procedures and his dedication to academic research. As a key player in Turkey's urology community, he continually pushes the boundaries of what's possible in treatment and patient care.

5. Dr. Ahmet Tunc Ozdemir

Rounding out our list is Dr. Ozdemir, who is hailed for his innovative techniques and profound understanding of urological disorders. His commitment to holistic patient care and his tireless efforts in research make him a standout figure in the world of urology.

It's worth noting that the field of urology is vast, and there are countless professionals worldwide making significant strides every day. This list is just a snapshot of some of the best, based on the given information.

Affordable Urology Centers Abroad

While people seem to focus on the price when choosing any medical procedure, it is not always the best to go with this line of reasoning. While a cheap service may save you money (sometimes even much more than you’ve planned), it is the quality of the service which is still the most important thing. No money saved is worth a poorly done surgery or a misdiagnosed illness. This is why you should judge clinics and doctors according to their past experiences and their attained qualifications. You can check all of those on our website. Also, take a look at a clinic’s certificates and check out patient testimonials. This will give you some insight into how quality the service, procedure, or treatment is that you are looking for. We also recommend reading our guides to the questions that you have to ask before deciding on a specific urologist and the things that you have to look out for when choosing a urologist or a urology clinic.



Florence Nightingale Hospitals


Sani Medical Center


Family Hospital


Optimed International Hospital


Private Algomed Hospital


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urology treatment cost abroad

How much does it cost to see a urologist privately without insurance abroad?

There is a significant difference in cost when comparing countries around the world for urological treatments. The reasons for this are similar to the reasons for different prices in other medical fields: different overhead costs, staff salaries, importing or purchasing the equipment, taxes and liabilities, etc. The price is one of the reasons why people go to other countries to seek urology treatments.

It cost to see a urologist privately without insurance abroad is $6,070. However, it is possible to find options which are much cheaper, it just depends on the country you look into. For example, the cheapest urology procedure that can be found on Placidway is for a circumcision in the Philippines, which costs just $36. It is also possible to find a wide variety of procedures and check-ups for under $100. On the other hand, the most expensive procedures have to do with penile implants and urethra and penile surgeries. These can cost up to $27,000, which is the highest priced urology package that we have on Placidway.

The Most Popular Destinations and Urology Costs There

Best Country for Urology Treatments 

UAE, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece and Mexico are the best countries for urology treatments worldwide.


UAE ($463 - $6,850). United Arab Emirates have reached a great status when it comes to urology and gynecology over the years. They did this by having their doctors finish the best schools in the world and then returning to the Emirates to apply their newly-acquired knowledge in newly developed infrastructure, using the latest instruments. All of this, as well as the living standard in the UAE, have affected the price of the urology procedures, but there is no doubt about the quality that you will receive for the money. The average cost of a urology procedure in UAE is $2,063. The cheapest procedure is a circumcision, which here costs $463, while the most expensive one is PCNL (Percutaneous Neprholithotomy – for treating kidney stones), which costs $6,850.


UAE ($463 - $6,850). Ukraine is an Eastern European country which has always excelled at providing quality medical care at rates which are far cheaper than those of its neighbors, both to the East and to the West. The high quality part is possible due to the high standards of medical education in this country and the attained knowledge in other parts of the world. The average cost for a urology procedure in Ukraine is $829. The cheapest is the kidney CT scan, which costs only $106, while the most expensive is the prostatectomy for solving prostate cancer, which costs $2,200, which is still much cheaper than in some Western countries.


Turkey ($66 - $14,441). Turkey has recently become one of the favorite places for people from Europe to go to for a number of medical conditions and procedures. Urology as a field is also strong here, and you can be sure that their urologists will give you a treatment of the highest quality, while still not having to pay much. The average price for a urology treatment in Turkey is $2,894. The least expensive treatment is for a circumcision, which costs just $66. The most expensive is a nephrectomy (kidney removal), which costs $14,441.


Greece ($1,262 - $4,678). Turkey’s first neighbor also has something to say when it comes to urology as a field, and between them, these two countries take a fare share of urology patients from another countries. The quality of doctors in Greece is at the same level as that of Turkey’s doctors, and since it is a member of the EU, Greece has had the possibility of investing enough into medical research and facilities. The average price for urology procedures in Greece is $3,150. The least expensive treatment is a circumcision, which costs $1,262. The most expensive is a prostatectomy, which costs $3,678.


Mexico ($250 - $17,500). No list of popular medical destinations would be complete without Mexico, which is the most popular destination for US patients (which are the majority of medical tourists), simply because it is so close to the US, and it offers much better prices. Also, a lot of doctors moved their offices from the US to Mexico, so that they could provide American-quality services at Mexico prices. So, Mexico has both the cost-effectiveness and quality. The average price of a urology procedure in Mexico is $3,675. The cheapest urology procedure in Mexico is a kidney CT scan, which costs $250. The most expensive is the penile implant, which costs $17,500.


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