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Significant progress that was made by the health care system over the second half of the 20th century resulted in the substantial increase of the life-length of the people in comparison with typical length of life of their predecessors of just a few generations ago. This great achievement posed next challenge – to maintain high quality of life over the increased lifespan of the person. The stage is set for the development and introduction of the new therapeutic approaches aimed to promote successful aging. Longevity is absolutely necessary, however is not sufficient to define successful aging. In simplified way, successful aging was described by Havighurst as “getting maximum of satisfaction out life”. In the ideal case of successful aging more detailed description would include such components as:

  • High cognitive and physical functioning
  • Absence of the age-related diseases
  • Social engagement 

Although complete avoidance of chronic illness in the late life seems to be not a feasible, substantial reduction of the symptoms of age-related disorders, maintenance of the good cognitive performance, emotional stability and social engagement may well be attainable. So, what are the pathways could be proposed towards the successful aging? 

1. Reduction of the chronic and severe stress

A large body of studies revealed an important role of the chronic stress in the development of aging-associated disorders. It was shown that there is an age-related increase in the responsiveness to stress from the side of the hormonal system. Chronic over-activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis results in increased secretion of glucocorticoids. This condition can affect normal functioning of the brain and immune system.

2. Benefits of mild stress

Surprisingly, in contrast to negative action of chronic and severe stress, mild levels of stress could lead to positive health effects. For example, production of neurotrophic factors important for the functioning of the nervous system is upregulated by the mild stress associated with caloric restriction, physical activity and cognitive stimulation.

3. Positive thinking

In the contemporary society reduction of the amount of stressful events is not always possible. In such case eastern proverb says, “if you cannot solve the problem, try to change your attitude towards it.” Positive state of mind is associated with higher levels of satisfaction with life and has positive impact on health of elderly people. Dutch study of older men that were observed over the period of 9 years revealed that greater dispositional optimism is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular mortality. Such thinking patterns as optimism, sense of usefulness to others and sense of the purpose also were shown to be associated with reduced risk of mortality.

4. Regeneration therapy

How can we help our organism so support health at the level of cells, tissues and organs? It was shown that aging is associated with increased cellular damage leading to cellular senescence and increased cell death. However, cellular damage occurs throughout the life, not only in the older age. During the young age and adulthood cellular damage is balanced with mechanisms of cellular repair and replacement by the progeny of the adult stem cells that reside in different tissues of the body, including nervous system.

According to the theory of aging that was developed by the founders of Infinity Clinic more than 15 years ago, age-related disorders, largely caused by depletion of pools of adult stem cells in elderly people. In order to restore these pools and stimulate regeneration processes in the organism, scientists of the Infinity Clinic together with doctors developed treatment approach based on the unique properties of the fetal stem cells.

Introduction of the fetal stem cellsstimulate self-renewal and regeneration in the organism of the patient due to functional substitution of the senescent and dying cells with the progeny of the fetal stem cells. Also, these cells release a number of biologically active substances that stimulate own adult stem cells of the patient and modulate response of the tissues of the patient to the injury.

To make possible introduction of the fetal stem cell therapy scientists of the Infinity Clinic developed unique method of immunomodulation in order to prevent immunological rejection of transplanted cells by the immune system of the patient. 

Thus, fetal stem cell treatment represents a new powerful approach towards successful aging for those who want to get maximum of satisfaction out life.


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