Cape Town, South Africa, is known as one of the most exotic, beautiful, and unique of travel destinations. Offering a wide variety of world-class tourist accommodation and attractions – including Bushmans Kloof, voted the world's best hotel in 2009 - it is the perfect place to start a healthy lifestyle. Having teamed up with South Africa's best, Blueprint Health can now offer you fantastic packages and medical health spa programs in Cape Town and surrounds, focusing on enhancing health and wellness for international travelers. 

Combining modern, science based preventative medicine with South African nature, culture and tranquillity, staff at Blueprint Health provides the ultimate lifestyle holiday. Through integration of high-tech genetic testing with spa treatments, am individual health plan is designed to manage weight, prevent or delay the onset of heart disease, relieve stress, manage burnout, and balance spirit, body and mind. This new science, called nutrigenomics, is the key to longevity, focusing on prevention of environmentally induced diseases, cancer, chronic fatigue, heart disease and delay of the aging process - all through nutrition.

These tests can be used by anyone, including persons in good health, as the facility has its focus on staying healthy through lifestyle and nutrition coaching, physician-based care and physical activities tailored to individual needs.

Programs Provided by Blueprint Health

Professional services are casually combined with an easy holiday schedule, providing practical implementation of health plans in a fun and relaxed environment.

Gene tests are done beforehand in the comfort of your home (using a mouth swab) with the results available on arrival. Test combinations are determined by your choice of programme, be it the:

  • Love my Heart (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc.)
  • Perfect Weight
  • Defy Age
  • Beat Cancer
  • Life in Balance option

The health and wellness component of programs is enhanced by a variety of services included as part of the motivational and spiritual component, including:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Tai-chi and breathing
  • Traditional medical spa treatments
  • African spiritual places used for meditation, reflection and relaxation
  • Drumming, etc

Says Dr. Heloise Avenant, MB, ChB and managing director of Blueprint Health, "We know that health and wellness is an individual and very personal issue. Our focus is to educate and inspire individuals to understand and apply principles of health and wellness as well as lifestyle changes that enhance quality of life."


Blueprint Health offers a multidisciplinary approach to services with individualised supervision by HPCSA board-certified biokineticists, nutritionists, and physicians backed by University based genetic scientists and genetic councilors. All registered dietitians (RD, MSc) and physicians (MD) have specialized training in nutrigenomics, accredited by Gknowmix™ while tests are done at SANAS accredited laboratories only. This new gene-based approach allows these experts to address all kinds of health-related issues like improving fitness, losing weight, quit smoking, managing stress – all lifestyle aspects that optimize longevity and postpone disease.

Treatment options made available by the specialists are contextualized by coaches, partnering with clients to determine next steps. "Blueprint Health integrates two major focus areas in our quest for positive outcomes, namely state-of-the-art, high-tech genetic testing combined with Solution Focused Health and Life Coaching to offer guests the best results," says Christina Hiller, MSc and part time lecturer at the College of Applied Psychology in Cape Town.

Seeking Health and Wellness in Cape Town

Offering the most exclusive in exotic resorts, Blueprint Health offers a variety of packages that contain spiritual, recreational, motivational, health and wellness, and retreat facets.  "The unique approach taken by Blueprint Health in Cape Town offers individuals full support by health care professionals while still offering them the best in vacation and spa experiences and facilities," says Pramod Goel, Founder and CEO of PlacidWay, a medical provider based in the United States. "We are pleased to combine our efforts in offering international travelers the best in options and care in this region of the world."

Medical health spa services and facilities are increasing in popularity around the world, and due to its supreme location, Cape Town continues to be a leader in the field.

Traveling to South Africa for Wellness

South Africa is a country of adventure and also offers the best in amenities, conveniences, and accommodations. From day safaris to swimming with penguins at Boulder's Beach near Cape Town, to enjoying soccer matches, sampling some great local wines or abseiling Table Mountain, South Africa offers a variety of entertainments for individuals and families. Exotic locations, luxurious accommodation, privacy and world-class service are all part of the venues Blueprint Health has lined up as part of an unforgettable health & wellness vacation.

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