Turkey- Your Ultimate Go-To Destination for Hair Transplant

hair transplant in Turkey

Turkey- Your Ultimate Go-To Destination for Hair Transplant

Over the years, Turkey has established its reputation as the affordable hair transplant go-to destination. Despite political instability and other hindrances, the hair transplant sector continues to thrive in Turkey. Each month, the nation attracts thousands of visitors from the Middle East and Europe providing a big push to the industry’s growth. Apart from the affordability factor, Turkey is on top of the priority list among the hair transplant seekers due to cutting-edge equipment and experienced surgeons.

Like many others, Roger, a 34-year-old Accounts Manager from Castleford, UK traveled to Turkey for hair transplant. Being a football enthusiast, he was quite impressed with Wayne Rooney’s transformation post hair transplant. However, such transformation is not quite in the reach for most ordinary Brits, as the surgery costs more than £12,000 in the UK. Roger was, however, willing to travel and get hair on his head by spending some £2,000 ($2,500 approximately) for the treatment.

Roger is now happily back in the UK, but he recalled his experience on hair transplant in Turkey.

When it Started

“Being an Accounts Manager, I spend most of the time at the office desk. I was about 28 years old when I started to spot a few dark hairs on my beige desk. As time passed, my hair loss became quite obvious. I was aware that hair transplant is the permanent and the best solution, but could not afford that price in the UK at that time. I did every possible trick with Over the Counter options like hair growth oil, medicine or hair loss shampoos, but nothing really worked”.

Finally, He Decides

After spending a few years on varied options, he again started looking into hair transplants. Gradually, he discovered the procedure is very much affordable abroad, particularly in Turkey where it is much cheaper. “There are several positive reviews online for hair transplants in Turkey. Moreover, it’s not very far to travel. In fact, the flight costs were quite affordable. They name it ‘medical tourism’ and it is amazingly popular.” “I could have chosen America for some amazing hair transplant results, but the airfare alone would have cost a bomb and I can get the entire procedure in Turkey by spending that amount.”

How was the Surgery?

Anesthetic was injected into the back of Roger’s scalp. “It was not that painful. You actually feel nothing when you get some twenty-thirty anesthetic shots.” The next process was follicles extraction, which is again not very painful. However, he was a little uncomfortable feeling and hearing the sound of the motorized tool extracting follicles.

After preparing the scalp area, he was padded up. After some time, the real transplant process began. Roger could easily understand that new follicles are being inserted and again he felt no pain. The surgery was over in some eight hours, which was good enough for the number of grafts he had.

The Result

It’s been more than 8 months since Roger went through hair transplant in Turkey. Now, it’s time for the result. “In fact, they really did fantastic clean work. The process was almost painless and there was no major scarring. I really liked the new hairline. Finally, it’s time to re-introduce myself to society.”

Like Roger, there are several successful and happy instances of hair transplant in Turkey. If you are also searching for hair transplant abroad, visit Turkey. At PlacidWay, we can help you search the best clinics, top surgeons and suitable hair transplant procedure in Turkey.

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2019-07-01 / Updated on: 2021-01-08

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