How to Prevent Major Orthopedic Problems? | Orthopedic Clinic in Izmir, Turkey

How to Prevent Major Orthopedic Problems?

Orthopedic Clinic in Izmir, Turkey by Onvural Orthopedics provides the best services for local and abroad patients. Nowadays, everyone is dealing with back pain. You don't need to be working in an orthopedic clinic to hear those complaints. A 17-year-old high school student may have scoliosis which causes back pain and posture problems. Even we don't hear anything about major medical problems; more than 60% of 21st-century people do their jobs with minimal mobility. We are sitting while we get the job done.

That's considered light labor if you compare it to coal mining but the problems of the modern person are well-hidden, now. Due to low mobility and bad posture we might feel "ache" like disturbances in our knees, hips, back, shoulders, and sometimes in our arms. When we feel something like that we usually do not call Emergency Line or an orthopedic clinic to get an appointment because we think that's perfectly fine. Until that little pain becomes an orthopedic issue, we tend to solve our problems without going to a Orthopedic Surgeon which is totally reasonable.

The real question here is "how to prevent major orthopedic problems?"

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How to Prevent Major Orthopedic Problems?

Tips 1 - Self-Intellectualism

 Tips 2 - Eat Well!

Tips 3 - Exercise

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Tips 1 - Orthopedic Surgery in Izmir, Turkey by Onvural


Self-intellectualism is good. You might want to know more about your knee pain, back pain or etc. "Which product to use or what kind of supplement to take?" Those great questions can be answered by reading a lot. If you want to read some medical pages about your problem you may like to read our advice below.

Reading articles online is one of the best things that you can do but you know what they say "Never Google your symptoms!" because there is a very common mistake nearly all of us do, and that is called self-diagnosing. Self-diagnosing simply misleading because your point of view about the subject is narrow and non-objective. Instead of self-diagnosing, Orthopedic Clinic in Izmir, Turkey by Onvural Orthopedics suggest you read about your options. Learning the predicted risks about your problem might be a life-saving act for you.

While you're learning & reading about your complaint, try to read simple articles from different websites. We suggest using Skimming and Scanning reading techniques, skimming is a process of reading to get an overall view or get an impression of the content and scanning is looking for specific phrases or keywords. This is highly recommended because there is a lot of false information and individual experience articles on the internet. Before you spend your precious time reading 1000 words of content, scan the article first then continue reading.

If you're not into reading a lot, then our second suggestion might be a better option for you!

Tips 2 - Orthopedic Surgery in Izmir, Turkey by Onvural

Eat Well!

Yes, Orthopedic Clinic in Izmir, Turkey by Onvural Orthopedics knows this is the ultimate suggestion for everything at the end of the day. But "Eat Well" is not actually about filling your stomach. Joint problems might be caused by collagen or Vitamin D deficit. Collagen can soothe knee pain and strengthen your joints. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium in your body, so without enough Vitamins D, your daily calcium consumption will not be effective. Another important thing in our daily routine is drinking coffee and smoking. According to an article published in Orthoinfo, smoking may cause several Orthopedic problems and also slows down the regeneration speed. Smokers are 1.5 times more, back pain and rheumatoid arthritis.)

"Smokers are 1.5 times more likely to suffer overuse injuries, such as bursitis or tendinitis, than nonsmokers. Smokers are also more likely to suffer traumatic injuries, such as sprains or fractures. Smoking is also associated with a higher risk of low back pain and rheumatoid arthritis."

Taking supplements such as Multivitamins, protein shakes, collagen, and calcium is a very common thing in the last 10 years. Unnecessary supplements or supplements taken without a doctor's recommendation may cause additional health problems. For example; there is no research showing collagen can solve arthritis on the contrary it's proven that collagen overuse may lower your liver function. This scenario

Tips 3 - Orthopedic Surgery in Izmir, Turkey by Onvural


3rd and last suggestion from Orthopedic Clinic in Izmir, Turkey by Onvural Orthopedics is Exercise. Increasing your daily mobility by doing exercise, yoga, fitness is way important than you think. Especially yoga!

Yoga became the "Swim Suggestion" for younger patients. Slowly, gently moving, and feeling every part of your body makes your body healthier and gives you enough strength to bear injuries. Exercises help you to build stronger muscles and prevent joint-related issues.

If you're up to yoga, the most recommended exercises to prevent back pain are:

For Knee Pain:

If performing the exercises above causes unbearable pain, then you should immediately get an appointment!

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How to Prevent Major Orthopedic Problems? | Orthopedic Clinic in Izmir, Turkey

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