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Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Surgery in Bursa/İstanbul, Turkey

Package Price: $4250
Treatment: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair, Rotator Cuff Repair
Sirinevler mah, Ankara Yolu Cd. No: 795, 16290 Yildirim/Bursa, Turkey, Turkey
Focus Area: Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery

Package Details

TURAN TURAN provides Rotator Cuff Surgery with the best technologies and the surgical team. The price of Rotator Cuff Surgery is $ 4 250.

The price includes,

  • Surgeon consultation,
  • Pre-op examinations,
  • Post-op examinations,
  • Post-operational requirements (shoulder sling, etc.)
  • Surgeon follow-ups,
  • Physiotherapy follow-ups,
  • Nursing services,
  • Translation services,
  • 3 days hospitalization for the patient and a companion
  • Room fees for the patient and a companion
  • VIP Car transfer services between airport-hospital (round trips)

Note: Please note down that the price may change after examinations according to your current health condition. 

What signs might point to a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder?
Shoulder discomfort is the main symptom of rotator cuff tears. The discomfort typically radiates up to the elbow and is typically felt on the front and side of the shoulder. One of the typical symptoms of these tears is shoulder fatigue, especially at night. Loss of arm strength and restriction of shoulder motion are further findings. Overhead activities are often problematic for patients with rotator cuff tears. Additionally, they complain their inability to bring their hands back to their waists. It is very challenging for people with full-thickness and significant shoulder rotator cuff tears to lift their arm and they experience weakness.

How long does it take to recover after rotator cuff repair surgery?
Depending on their general health after arthroscopic, or closed, rotator cuff tear repair procedures on the shoulder, patients may leave the hospital the same day or the following day. To prevent the repaired tendon from healing and to restrict shoulder movement, a padded shoulder strap is typically necessary to be worn for six weeks. It is advised that patients begin elbow and hand-wrist exercises right away to avoid swelling and movement restrictions in the arm while wearing a shoulder strap. The patient's sutures are taken out on the tenth postoperative day, at which point he is able to take a bath.

Following the removal of the sutures, you can begin the light passive exercises that your orthopedic doctor and physiotherapist have prescribed based on the size, kind, and healing of the tear. It may be necessary to postpone this kind of passive exercise until the sixth week in some individuals with poor bone quality and significant tears.

Patients continue the physical therapy and rehabilitation program six weeks following the closed shoulder rotator cuff tear repair surgery. Patients are recommended to perform assisted and active exercises to strengthen their muscles and promote shoulder joint mobility during this phase.

The duration of physical therapy-rehabilitation programs varies from patient to patient but often lasts one month. By setting up a home program, patients who have finished the physical therapy-rehabilitation program are invited for controls.

In the third month following surgery to repair a closed shoulder rotator cuff rupture, patients can resume light duty activities like driving. After six months of recovery after a rotator cuff injury, patients are permitted to resume heavier lifting and participating in sports.

Shoulder rotator cuff injuries can be successfully treated with arthroscopic-closed repair procedures. If these injuries are not appropriately managed, they can develop to problems that require shoulder replacement surgery by wearing down and calcifying the shoulder. Patients who experience shoulder discomfort, difficulty moving, or restriction of movement should see an orthopedic doctor as soon as they can. The therapies that will be used will leave your shoulder pain-free and pleasant, allowing you to resume your normal activities.

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