Terme Selce Successfully Rehabilitates Finnish Alpine Skier

When Alpine skier Victor Malström suffered a knee injury recently, he more than likely wondered if the injury would be debilitating. Without having to think twice about it, Victor traveled to Terme Selce for post-injury rehabilitative therapy and after two weeks has seen great improvement in stability, strength, and reduced pain in the injured knee. As an alpine skier, Victor relies on his knees to be strong, sure, and solid.

Yes, he has spent many days of long hours and extremely hard work, fairly exhausted at the end of each day, but his hard work has paid off. Between his physiotherapist in his native Finland and the staff at Terme Selce, he knows and feels with confidence that his muscles are growing stronger every day.

Terme Selce is a world-renowned sports injury therapy and rehabilitative facility that treats athletes as well as Olympic athletes from around the world. At Terme Selce, Victor underwent increasing resistance through exercises and a gradual increase in heavier exercise and movement therapies. Mainly, his therapy is comprised of repetitions of various, simple exercises with short breaks in between.

Victor experienced what is known as an ACL injury. ACL stands for the anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament is extremely important for the support and stability of the knee joint. At Terme Selce, staff helped Victor restore a proper gait and trained him in placing his knee sideways, behind, and across his body, increasing balance both in hydrotherapy and out of water therapy techniques.

"The flexibility of the knee is almost normal and I haven't had no pain in several weeks!" writes Victor in his blog. For an alpine skier, such a comment is wonderful.

Terme Selce Blends Care Approaches To Sports Injuries
Terme Selce Sports and Rehabilitation facility is located in beautiful seaside resort Terme Selce, Croatia, and staff there have provided sports medicine, sports medicine physical therapy, orthopedic services, rehabilitation and physical therapy services for the past two decades.

Combining down-home friendliness, compassion, highly educated and highly trained staff, Terme Selce offers a unique comprehensive blend of traditional and holistic approaches to client well-being. "Such an approach meets emotional, physical, and medical practices in all around medical care and rehabilitation," states Dr. Vlasta Brozicevic. "We're proud to say that Terme Selce has become a globally recognized rehabilitative resort on the Adriatic Sea."

The facilities at state-of-the-art Terme Selce offer the best any medical spa has to offer, including bio-bath and massage for hands and feet, aromatherapy treatments, as well as a variety of massage techniques to enhance rejuvenation, rehabilitation, and function to individuals experiencing sporting injuries. Qualified and compassionate staff at Terme Selce is focused on treating every patient with the latest in technology, rehabilitative and physical therapy techniques. Analyzing each case on an individualized basis, the doctors and staff at Terme Selce create care and treatment plans for every athlete based on their needs and goals.

Traveling to Terme Selce in Croatia
The Adriatic Sea gently laps against Croatia's western border, offering natives and visitors access to coastal islands that Croatia is famous for. Visitors, athletes and family members of athletes will fall in love with Croatia. For the best in care for sports injury prevention, diagnostics and therapy, Terme Selce is the place to go. From physical kinesiotherapy of sports-related conditions to post-surgical rehabilitation to psychological sport counseling and support, staff at Terme Selce offer every unique athlete a unique approach to care.

"We're pleased that Victor has received the care and rehabilitation he needs at Terme Selce," says Pramod Goel, CEO, and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical provider and facilitator. "We know the qualifications and excellence of care provided by staff at Terme Selce. Dr. Brozicevic is a specialist in physical medicine in rheumatology, a sports physician, and serves as an official doctor of the Croatian National Ski Team. If anyone knows skiing and skiing injuries, it's Dr. Brozicevic."

Victor thinks so too.

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