Dental Rehabilitation in Mumbai, India

Jule G. sits in the dentist's chair, a beautiful smile lighting her features. Beside her sits Dr. Viral Turakhia, her dentist. While Jule tells the story of what was done to her mouth and teeth, it's hard to believe, especially since she is not in any pain, her mouth or gums are not swollen, and she appears to have tears of happiness glistening in her eyes.

Jule needed a lot of work done on her teeth, and what she was told would have taken nearly a year of dental office visits in her home town in the United States was done in nine and a half days in Mumbai, India, at the excellent facilities of My Dentist. Jule had ten root canals, care for an impacted wisdom tooth, care and treatment for an abscessed tooth, a dental implant, laser surgery, bone grafting and full mouth bridges to be done in her native country.

"It's been an amazing experience," says Jule from her dental chair, her heartfelt words apparent as she speaks into a camera so that others can learn of the benefits of international dental travel in India. "I knew in the midst of the preliminary [treatment] plans that my dentist provided, I knew that he was the one to do this work."

Dr. Viral S. Turakhia is certified in periodontology, full mouth restoration and implant dentistry. He focuses on aesthetic oral rehabilitation, highly respected in his field for his skills, experience, and expertise.

That's only one of the reasons why Jule initially contacted him following her search through PlacidWay, an international medical provider and resource for medical and dental patients abroad. As Jule says, "He cared."

Patients Don't Fear Dental Care at My Dentist
"He communicated with me." Jule offers a smile. "Immediately upon contact, I began to have a wonderful experience. When I first got into the office and met his staff, I knew how incredible this was going to be. Not only the warmth, but the knowledge that was professed throughout the entire time that I was here."

At the more than capable hands of Dr. Turakhia, dental patients don't need to fear uncertainty, pain, or worry that their needs won't be met. "We are so very pleased that Jule G. received not only effective dental care at My Dentist in Mumbai, but that she truly is in awe of the entire experience," states Pramod Goel, founder and CEO of PlacidWay. "That's our goal. We want to give people choices in their care, no matter where they're from or where they want to go. It's not just about affordability. It's about compassion, concern, and accessibility. People want to connect with their doctors, surgeons and dentists. We're very happy to help them have that opportunity."

Jule is totally excited to go home and show off her new teeth and healthy mouth to anyone who wants to listen. She's ecstatic about the care she received in Mumbai. Like others, she was at first wary regarding international dental travel and care, but upon her first consultation and communication with Dr. Turakhia, she quickly changed her mind. "I'm so pleased and excited, and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything," Jule concludes.

"When you leave India, your mouth will be healthy," Dr. Turakhia told Jule. "Our collaboration with PlacidWay and feedback such as this helps dental patients around the world realize that the tools, equipment, expertise and experience of our staff and facility in Mumbai are world-class. Our goal is to take away your pain, restore your dental appearance and function, and create a warm, caring atmosphere that helps alleviate your fear of the dentist."

Well, Jule certainly felt that way, and she's anxious to go home and spread the word about Dr. Turakhia and My Dentist in Mumbai.

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