PlacidWay Develops Relationship with Chennai Plastic Surgery | Cosmetic Surgery India

PlacidWay Develops Relationship with Chennai Plastic Surgery

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Internet connectivity and communication has enhanced more than friendships and staying in touch with family. Computer technology has given a huge boost to the health and wellness industry, and most especially, medical tourism. One of the locations benefiting from this connectivity is the Chennai Plastic Surgery facility in Chennai, India.

"We encourage our prospective patients to establish contact and build their confidence and trust in us. Afterwards, they travel to Chennai to get treated and then return to their home country as a very happy brand ambassador," states Dr. Karthik, chief cosmetic surgeon of the Chennai Plastic Surgery team at Apollo Cosmetic Surgery Center in Chennai.

About the Facility

Dr. Karthik is fast gaining a reputation as one of the most popular and renowned plastic surgeons in India. He specializes in cosmetic surgery and liposuction. The team at Apollo and at the Cosmetic Surgery Center is board-certified plastic surgeons. Staff also includes board-certified dermatologists, breast specialists, anesthetists, doctors who promote and practice Ayurveda and complementary medicine, as well as dental surgeons and support staff of makeup artists and nurses.

Dr. Karthik and his plastic surgery team are affiliated with JCI (Joint Commission International) and ISO-certified hospitals in Chennai and Bangalore. What does this mean for you? To put it quite simply, excellence and quality care.

"Surgical as well as nonsurgical procedures and laser technologies offer international patients options and choices when it comes to their aesthetic needs," states Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical provider and facilitator located in Denver, Colorado.  "We believe in offering individuals, regardless of their nationality or country, the best in superlative and experienced medical services."

Staff at Chennai Plastic Surgery provides round-the-clock care for patients undergoing treatments with experts and specialists. Staff and doctors at the facilities strive to promote a pain-free environment and comfortable recovery experience.

Taking advantage of the Internet, Chennai Plastic Surgery has put together a variety of cosmetic packages for patients (and a companion!) to travel to beautiful Chennai from anywhere around the globe. Medical and support staff are dedicated to offering the best in care, courtesy and friendship to patients arriving for treatment, from the moment they step off the airplane until they're escorted to their hotels and then to their procedures. Staff at the facility looks after their patients during their entire stay, and offer the best in sightseeing and culinary delights.

You don't need to worry about language barriers when visiting Chennai Plastic Surgery, as translators are always in attendance. Chennai Plastic Surgery believes in Indian hospitality, which means treating each patient with special care in courtesy, practicing Atithi Devo Bhava, which translated literally, means treating "our guest is like God". The best in friendship, warmth and personalized service are just a few of the benefits of receiving treatments from Dr. Karthik and Chennai Plastic Surgery.

States one former patient, "Dear Dr. Karthik, I saw your name and address in the Internet through Google search. This special search was made because my wife was suffering from severe inferiority complex… during the pre-and post op operation, you have taken extraordinary care to make her come out of physical and mental trauma. Now she wears the best of dresses and looks very confident. Thank you very much, Dr. Karthik, for reclaiming our lives."

That just about says it all. For more information regarding Dr. Karthik and Chennai Plastic Surgery, please visit

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