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Chennai Plastic Surgery Center Exceeds One Woman’s Expectations

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Plastic Surgery India

Many women believe that large breasts are the epitome of womanhood, while others are more than happy with large breasts, as it makes them feel good about themselves (as well as more attractive to men). However, a number of women find that their large breasts impede their ability to "get ahead". Some feel very large breasts not only have a very serious and detrimental effect on their sense of self-confidence and self-esteem, but may also cause physical problems.

Lillian L. was one of these women. She desperately wanted a breast reduction procedure, but was unable to find adequate services in her native Nigeria. She did her homework and researched a variety of plastic surgery facilities through online medical resources and came across the Chennai Plastic Surgery Center. The surgery center is located in downtown Chennai, India, a highly rated and respected plastic surgery facility with a dedicated board of certified plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, laser surgeons, cosmetic dentists, anesthetists and nursing and support staff.

One of the surgeons at Chennai Plastic Surgery Center is Dr. Karthik, cosmetic surgeon DNB, MRCS, and a national board-certified plastic surgeon who takes his job seriously.  Dr. Karthik takes the time to understand his patients, and provides supportive and compassionate care as well as understanding that helps them meet their specific and very individualized needs. "I take care to utilize innovative approaches in body contouring to give my patients the body shape that they desire," states Dr. Karthik.

Lillian is the recipient of such care. "When I came to India, I did not expect the kind of welcome I received. The entire team treated me well. All the doctors that worked on me have been so friendly…. the best of all is when I met Dr. Karthik. I had the impression of an old person because all the mail we had exchanged. Instead, I saw a young one with a lot of experience. I was amazed at his performance. I was thrilled with what he can do.  Today, I can introduce him to the whole world."

The Chennai Plastic Surgery Center specializes in patient care and services. Associated with numerous three- and five-star hotels in Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, as well a spa centers, the facility strives to offer the best travel and medical services experience to their patients.  Airport pickup in transportation, accommodations, and arrangements for admission and scheduling of appointments are just a few of the services offered by Chennai Plastic Surgery Center.

"This type of service is what makes our partnership with Chennai Plastic Surgery Center so special," says Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical provider and resource based in Denver, Colorado.  "Our focus is connecting the needs of people around the world with the best in medical facilities, treatments, procedures, doctors and surgeons."

Lillian is just one of many travelers who have been impressed by the services and skills of Dr. Karthik and the Chennai Plastic Surgery Center.  "He [Dr. Karthik] made me feel good, and he changed me completely. I never knew I could get the results I've got. On a scale of one to 10, I would give them a 10, honestly! I assumed I would be happy with India, but I never knew it could be this much. They have exceeded my expectations. I am a very, very happy and satisfied patient."

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