Cosmetic Surgery cost and treatment experience in Croatia 

This is my account of my experience when I visited Croatia for a Rhinoplasty and a Breast enlargement. My surgeons were Dr Toncic Senior and Dr Toncic Junior. I have decided to try and write a detailed description so that it may help other people, as I could not find a lot on the internet. As I wanted a Rhinoplasty I was very scared what would happen if I chose the wrong surgeon. I looked at three of the top nose surgeons in the UK but the price was around 5000 and I really could not afford that. If I went with a different UK surgeon it would cost around 3000 but I did not feel confident as I wanted someone who specialized in nose jobs. As a Guide, the cost of my surgery in Croatia was 4700 for the Rhinoplasty and breast enlargement. Then another 800 for flights, accommodation, taxis, ECG and blood tests. If anyone can explain to me how to load pictures on for people to view then I will do this and post a link. I have pictures of the staff, location and my results.

Day 1:

Very nervous. Got a flight from Luton to Zagreb with Whizz air. Arrived at the airport in Zagreb which is small but good, Boris the taxi driver who would be driving me everywhere over the next 9 days was easy to find. He was directly in front of me when I walked out the doors into the Foya. Boris had a sign with my name on.

He speaks little English but is fine for small talk and arranging times of collection and drop offs. He drove me for about 45 mins from the airport to a private doctor’s surgery for an ECG. This is required by Croatian law before any surgery involving a general anesthetic.

Cost of this was 50 Euros. The clinic opened a 17.00. When the doctor arrived, he asked me to go behind the screen and remove my top and bra and then to lie on the table. He then attached some monitors to my chest and ankles and my heart movements were displayed on a screen. The doctor then printed the screen. He listened to my chest and said all was ok for the operation next day. I was given a print off to take to Dr Toncic in the morning. This all took about 20 to 25 mins and Boris waited outside for me. He then drove me to the Sikoronja family house. It is located in a built up area and is a very well kept first floor flat. The building is 3 storey high, splints into 3 flats, The Ground floor flat is the nurse’s mother in-law. There is a nice garden and balcony. I had my own bedroom with TV and bathroom which had a shower, toilet and sink. Toilet paper and towels were provided. I had dinner, a shower and then settled for the night ready for my big day tomorrow.

Day 2:

Boris picked me up at 8am and took me to a local clinic for my blood tests. Cost 20 Euros. It was very busy and we waited in a queue for about 10 mins then a nurse who new Boris took us out of the queue and to a room for the blood test. I think we would have been late for the surgery other wise but she seemed aware of this and Boris said it was not normally this busy.

The blood was taken and the results are faxed to Dr Toncic with in the hour. Boris waited with me. He then drove me to the hospital. It’s a purple building on a hill very new and modern looking with nice views. Dr Toncic senior and junior both took me into a consultation room where we discussed what they would do to reshape my nose and enlarge my breasts. They were both taller than I remember when I meet them at the body beautiful show 2 years ago. But I felt comfortable although I was shaking and very scared.

I was taken to a side room to undress. I stripped down to me knickers and then a nurse helped me into a gown and a pair of them very sexy tight knee high socks that prevent blood clots. I was given a pair of clogs to walk in with the nurse to the operating theatre were 2 anesthetics, both doctors and nurse Versna (who I was staying with) were waiting. I felt a bit calmer when I saw nurse Versna. I lay on the table and the anesthetics put me out, which hurt a bit as they put the needle in. When I woke up I was a bit uncomfortable so nurse Versna administered some pain killers in my arm.

Nurse Versna stayed with me and looked after me for the night. I was not allowed to eat until the next day so had gone from Monday evening having a meal then on Tuesday, allowed to eat Wednesday morning. She gave me a number of ice packs to keep on my fore head and neck for the bruising and swelling. It was fine and I was comfortable. I was also not allowed to get out of bed until Wednesday morning. So if you need a wee it’s a bed pan. (I waited). I spent the night in just my knickers and no medical bra I had drains in each breast.

Day 3:

In the morning, I was given some cheese and ham on bread and then some water. After breakfast, nurse Versna helped me into a gown and put the 2 drain bottles in a bag so I could walk to the toilet. (5 meters away) I think it was just me and the nurse who spent the night at the clinic.

When Dr Toncic Junior and Senior arrived they came and checked on me. I was then helped by 2 nurses into a surgical bra. This was the only time I experienced pain but it was manageable. I was then helped to get dressed and Boris met me at the reception.

The receptionist was a young pretty girl who spoke very good English. So if you need to call before the trip she is very helpful. Or if a partner wants to call to check how you are she is very nice. Boris drove me to a pharmacy where he went in and got my prescription of pain killers and antibiotics (just incase) I took the pain killers because I was worried about being in pain but I really don’t think I needed them. It’s amazing to think I had just had a Rhinoplasty and breast enlargement and was not in pain. (I normally have a very low pain threshold) Boris then drove me to my accommodation. I carried my bag with drains in and laid in bed. Lunch and dinner were given to me on a tray in the bedroom for a few days so I could relax and recover.

Day 4:

Felt fine just a bit bruised and tired. Lay in bed studying for an exam I had coming up. Nurse Versna took the drains out in the morning. These made me feel better, not having to carry them with me every time I went to the toilet. It’s not very nice having them attached to you, they do not hurt and stop a build up of blood so work well but it’s restrictive. It didn’t really hurt when they were removed it was more of an unpleasant feeling, I felt like a warm stinging sensation as she pulled it out, It also felt quite deep wear as I didn’t think it would be in that deep.

Day 5:

Nurse Versna removed the nasal packing. This did not hurt it was just an unpleasant though. There was not much blood I think it was cream I could feel when I had thought it was bleeding. It was very nice to be able to breath throw my nose again. I stayed in my room and studied I also watched some TV. It was surprising how much English TV there was.

The next 2 days were the weekend. I was capable of going out but didn’t want to as I had a splint on my nose. I was happy to just keep on studying.

Day 8:

Boris picked me up at 9.30 am and drove me to the clinic where I was greeted by
Dr Tonic Senior and nurse Versna. They took of the splint and removed the stitches from my nipple area. (Implants were placed into my body via the nipple). My nose was still very swollen, I like the top bridge area but was unsure on the tip. This could be because of the swelling, I would find out over the next few weeks. My breasts are great although a bit bruised still. I still have bruises around my eyes so will need to think of good excuses for when I go home tomorrow as I was not intending on telling anybody. I also had Botox which I found hurt more than anything else had hurt. But the results are brilliant.

I would recommend Dr Toncic he and his son are both very good caring surgeons. Nurse Versna was brilliant during my stay her, her husband and 3 children aged 24, 20 and 11 were very kind. The meals were excellent, but expect to put on weight. They are very healthy, just lots of food. Boris the taxi driver was also very nice to me and always on time.

Please find below some information I wish I had known before I went;

  • You do not need to take anything with you on the day of surgery apart from money, as you sleep in your underwear and go home in the clothes you have arrived in.
  • Towels and toilet rolls are provided
  • You can wear your knickers during the operation (depending what you have done maybe not for liposuction)

Since I wrote this the swelling on the tip of my nose has gone done and I am very pleased. My breasts have got quite a bit smaller but look really good. You can’t really see any scar as the implant was done via the nipple. They look really natural. No body has noticed my nose or boobs. I covered the slight bruises under my eyes with a concealer for birthmarks; I got a trial pack so it had lots of shades. For a few months before the surgery I got really padded bras and wore them, I think this is why nobody has noticed.

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