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Whole-Body Approach for Cosmetic Surgery Patients in Chennai Plastic Surgery Center

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Chennai Plastic Surgery Center Provides

Whole-Body Approach for Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Are you looking for a healthier, younger appearance? Do you want your insides to feel as healthy and fresh as you look on the outside following a cosmetic surgical procedure? If you do, Chennai Plastic Surgery Center provides a variety of treatments that may help you reach your goals without a bunch of fuss and muss.

One of the latest post-surgical treatments offered at Chennai Plastic Surgery Center in India is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an extremely effective and noninvasive treatment focused on a variety of conditions. It's also very beneficial to anyone who has recently undergone a cosmetic surgical procedure.

Why? Because pure, pressurized oxygen flows into your body more quickly, increasing blood quality. The better the quality of your blood, the more efficiently and effectively it works to heal the body. Pressurized oxygen offers benefits that every cell in the human body needs to function at optimal levels.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

The process involves placing the individual in a pressurized chamber. Inside the chamber, patients are able to breathe 80% pure oxygen, pumped into the chamber at 33% higher than normal pressure. This oxygen pressure makes it easier to penetrate your skin, and mix in your blood to facilitate optimal oxygen delivery. Did you know that 'normal' air only contains approximately 20% oxygen? By the time it reaches your deeper body tissues, the benefits of that oxygen has been reduced. This slow rate of oxygen delivery can extend healing times.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is perfectly painless and leaves you feeling and looking much better. If you're considering or have undergone a recent cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, consider hyperbaric oxygen therapy to give you, and your body, the boost it needs to look its best.

The Chennai Plastic Surgery Center also offers alternative methods of removing toxins from the body. Detoxification processes clean the body and leave you feeling healthy, strong, and rejuvenated. Staff and professionals at Chennai Plastic Surgery Center don't fall prey to ridiculous shortcuts or offer unbelievable claims. Detoxification programs at Chennai Plastic Surgery Center are safe and effective, structured into a three-week program that offers a whole body approach to detox, including a realistic diet plan, yoga exercises, oxygen therapy, and acupuncture.

Detoxification kits at Chennai Plastic Surgery Center contain a variety of herbs and teas, accompanied by specific instructions on how to use them. Detoxification is often combined with oxygen therapy. The combination of acupuncture, oxygen therapy and the detoxification herbs work together to help your body remove toxins and recover quickly and safely.

As with oxygen therapy, detoxification helps promote healing. You'll see the results of your surgical procedure faster than you would utilizing conventional recovery methods. Not only do patients achieve better and faster results, but the best in relaxation and mental and emotional health and wellness.

Acupuncture is an ancient method that helps open channels of healing within the human body, relieving pain and stiffness. Using a combination of these approaches following your plastic surgery procedure, you'll be amazed at how rejuvenated and energized you feel.

About Chennai Plastic Surgery Center

The Chennai Plastic Surgery Center is located in Chennai, India.  The facility offers a dedicated and board certified team of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, breast surgeons, and support staff. Affiliated with ISO and JCI hospitals in Chennai and Bangalore, staff at Chennai Plastic Surgery Center offers the best in patient care and services.

Dr. Karthik of Chennai Plastic Surgery Center is a young, upcoming and already acclaimed plastic surgeon. "Our specialty is that each patient is attended by a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist, and a makeup artist before we finalize our procedures. We have dedicated and well-trained nurses available around the clock to achieve a pain-free and comfortable recovery."

It's services like these, as well as the best in compassionate patient care that has propelled Chennai Plastic Surgery Center to the top of its field.

"Chennai Plastic Surgery Center gives patients the ultimate in a medical journey. The International Patients Division of the group helps organize your stay in five-star, three-star or comfortable guest rooms, according to your budget," says Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical resource and provider. "Chennai Plastic Surgery Center offers choices, something that all of us need and want when it comes to our health and wellness."

For more information regarding Chennai Plastic Surgery Center and its services, visit PlacidWay.com.


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