Usually, people don’t set out to be hooked on drugs, alcohol or other addictions, but unfortunately those who don’t have the willpower to keep the addictions from consuming them suffer, and it’s not just them – loved ones are forced to watch as drugs, alcohol and gambling crumble their lives. In many cases, those suffering from an addiction just don’t have the finances to deal with rehabilitation – it’s an ironic dilemma; you need money for rehab, but you use the addiction to ‘function’.

Sometimes, those suffering from addiction need to get away from the stimuli that cause them to become tangled in with the wrong crowd. Take for example a person who is hooked on methamphetamines, which are sold in the neighborhood. How do you work out the demons of addiction while your drug of choice is tempting you each step of the way?

Help is Out There 

Many notable addiction treatment centers are located around the world to provide patients with an escape from their troubles – and they receive professional help and rehabilitation for their addictions. Beautiful facilities located in stunning destinations like Mexico, Costa Rica and Russia offer cutting edge treatments and comfortable accommodations so patients can get the help they need and focus on making a positive change. People travel from around the world to treatment centers in and around Russia, including:

  • Cocaine and Heroin Addiction Therapy in Moscow, Russia
  • Comprehensive Pathological Gambling Addiction in Belgrade, Serbia

Addictions come in many forms, which is why it’s important to offer patients a variety of options when seeking treatment. At the Comprehensive Pathological Gambling Addition Center in Belgrade, patients are provided with many levels of treatment in an effort to reverse behaviors and thought-processes. “The main goal of treatment is to erase the maniac desire to be in a state of gambling trance, to help an addict to regain control over his emotions and behavior, to stabilize his mental state: to normalize sleep, to remove nervousness, irritability, mood swings,” says Dr. Vorobiev, founder of numerous addiction treatment centers in Russia, Ukraine and in Latin America. The treatment centers use the latest research and developments to treat patients so they have the utmost success at the time of discharge.

Jake’s troubles actually started when he won a large jackpot in his hometown of Atlantic City, New Jersey. “I had that rush that comes with all the bells and whistles going off when I won $2,000 from my favorite slot machine. The clinking change into the tray was so exciting – and it made me think, ‘if I won this, I can win it again’. Soon, playing slots wasn’t fun; it was just about trying to win back what I lost. Before I knew it, I was blowing off friends and family to go hang out in casinos – it wasn’t until I lost every penny in my bank account and my landlord kicked me out because I was late for the fourth time on rent that I knew I needed help. Gambling is a vicious cycle and I really needed outside professionals to help me get out of this dark time.”

Jake’s friends and family came together to stage an intervention and help pull funds together to send him off to Belgrade for treatment. Now, two years later, Jake is a new man – he doesn’t even walk inside the casinos in Atlantic City – they represent a dark period in his life he’d rather forget. “The professionals at the treatment center gave me all the tools I needed to make  a change, but it was up to me to keep using them. Going to Belgrade was the best thing I could have ever done.”