Dr. Farah Al Noaimy | Gynecology Surgery Doctor | Manama, Bahrain

Dr. Farah Al Noaimy Infertility Treatment, Laparoscopy, Infertility Management Manama, Bahrain

About - Dr. Farah Al Noaimy


Dr. Farah Al Noaimy 
(Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant)
  • Treatment of Infertility (patients anxious to conceive) with specialized procedures like, Laparoscopy, Sono Infusion, Salpingography... etc.
  • Managing gynecologic malignancies of the course, ovary, vagina and vulva.
  • Screening fetuses to R/O Thalassaemia, Sickle Cell and Down's Syndrome.
  • Antenatal & delivery for pregnant women.
  • Teenage Clinic.
  • Well-women Health Clinic.
  • Major and minor surgical procedures.
  • Infertility management. 

Education - Dr. Farah Al Noaimy

Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant

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