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Pau Claris 115, barcelona, spain Barcelona, Spain
Speciality: Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon,
Languages: English,Spanish,Portugese
Degree: Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Focus Area: Plastic Surgery Doctor | Barcelona | Spain | Emiliano Alvarez Md Plastic Surgery Practice | Dr Emiliano Alvarez | Breast Augmentation | Rhinoplasty | Face Lift | Tummy Tuck | Buttock Augmentation | Gynecomastia | Mastopexy

About - Dr. Emiliano Alvarez | Plastic Surgeon in Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Emiliano Alvarez | Plastic Surgeon in Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Emiliano Alvarez | Plastic Surgeon in Barcelona, Spain by Alvarez Md Plastic Surgery Practice

Biography of Dr. Emiliano Alvarez – Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Emiliano Alvarez provides the best Plastic Surgery in Barcelona, Spain. Book consultation now Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, and Face Lift at Dr. Emiliano Alvarez.

Emiliano Alvarez Md. Plastic Surgery Practice in Barcelona, Spain is perceived as one of the best places in the country to seek top-quality and excellence treatments for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. The clinic is controlled by Dr. Emilliano Alvarez, who is a specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The interest for tasteful and excellence treatment is quickly expanding and the clinic offers reasonable treatment bundles for both nearby and unfamiliar patients. The staff at Emiliano Alvarez Md. Plastic Surgery Practice plans to convey wanted outcomes as per the necessities of the patients.

Dr. Emiliano Alvarez follows a client-driven methodology and it has assisted him with setting an identification of excellence in the field. He focuses on wellbeing and personal necessities over anything and deals with the patients' concerns while conveying redid solutions. Dr. Emiliano Alvarez plans the treatment after consultation and in the event of surgery; he might propose a few pre-careful investigations relying upon the conditions.

Besides, the doctor requests a second consultation and assuming he observes everything right, he will concoct the date for the surgery. Patients won't need to stress over anything since he will help them with respect to preparation, diet and related things. Dr. Emiliano Alvarez works with a group of expert professionals who can deal with everything during the procedure. His clinic Emiliano Alvarez Md. Plastic Surgery Practice means to offer elite patient consideration where you can profit all cutting edge offices during the stay.

Dr Alvarez has top-of-the-line team with the best foundation and several years of experience. He is also the member of Argentinean Board Certified and has 10 years of experience in Plastic Surgery. He also has specialty in Facial Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty. Currently, he is also the member of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe.

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Experience and Education of Dr. Emiliano Alvarez | Plastic Surgeon in Barcelona, Spain by Emiliano Alvarez Md. Plastic Surgery Practice


  • Medicine, Graduated at the Buenos Aires National University (UBA) – April of 2008
  • Plastic Surgery Postgraduation at the Argentinian Catholic University (UCA), Buenos Aires, December of 2012


  • Medicine Licentiate – Spain Homologation - April of 2011
  • Argentine Board MOH Specialist - December of 2013

Languages Spoken

  • English, Portuguese and Spain

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Membership of Dr. Emiliano Alvarez | Plastic Surgery Surgeon in Barcelona, Spain by Emiliano Alvarez Md. Plastic Surgery Practice

  • Member of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe
  • Member of the Ministry of Health - Argentine Board 2013
  • Member of the Argentine Medical Association
  • Member of the Buenos Aires Plastic Surgery Association

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Cosmetic Surgery Cost in Barcelona, Spain by Emiliano Alvarez MDPricesEnquire
Face Lift in Buenos Aires, Argentina$6000Enquire
Breast Augmentation in Buenos Aires, Argentina$6000Enquire
Facial Implants in Buenos Aires, Argentina$4000Enquire
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in Buenos Aires, Argentina$5000Enquire
Chin Implant in Barcelona, Spain$2500Enquire
Ear Surgery in Barcelona, Spain$2900Enquire
Deviated Septum in Barcelona, Spain$3500Enquire
Botox Treatment in Buenos Aires, Argentina$300Enquire
Fillers in Buenos Aires, Argentina$300Enquire
Lip Surgery in Barcelona, Spain$3000Enquire

Emiliano Alvarez Md. Plastic Surgery Practice reviews

  • Nicole

    Absolutely PHENOMENAL physician, artist and carer. Dr. Alvarez has treated me like his own sister from day 1 till months after my operation. He has continued to monitor my healing progress, and constantly checks in with me to ask how I am doing. He has made me feel so incredibly secure and comfortable, and always makes time for me when I need his attention. I am beyond satisfied with my results, they are FAR better than I even imagined. The confidence I have gained is immeasurable. Thank you Dr. Alvarez SO very much for your genuine care and for being so fun and funny! to talk to. You truly are a treasure!!! 100% Highly recommended, A++!

    Google Dec 02 2021
  • Nina

    I did a rhinoplasty with Doctor Emiliano Alvarez. He is first of all super friendly and carefully listens to what you want. He made a simulation of what I would look like and what would be possible. He was always reachable for my many questions during the whole process from start to finish. I am now one week after surgery and can already see that the result is exactly what I asked for. My swelling and bruising is also way less bad than I thought. I would definitly recommend!

    Google Nov 29 2021
  • romina

    I had a rhinoplasty, my decision was in Pandemic, where I had my first interview with the Doc. It was impeccable, he was in all the details, with his time explaining absolutely everything in detail. Staying without any doubt, we scheduled an October 2020 surgery. I cannot explain to you the satisfaction I felt when you know that you are in the right place and with the right professional. I thank him every day when I see myself in the mirror, he changed my life, my self-esteem, he gave me the nose that I wanted to have, do not hesitate to choose him, he works magic with his hands and the most beautiful thing is knowing that he enjoys what he does and he really puts all his love in it, Thanks Doc! I said you are far away now but obviously I would choose you again! You are the N1! I will be grateful all my life

    Google Nov 25 2021
  • leonardo

    I want to share my experience with Dr Emiliano Alvarez
    He accomplished what no surgeon could accomplish.
    After several visits to many surgeons, including some celebrities who appear on TV, they told me in their consultations that in my case there was no solution.
    Until I met Dr Emiliano ALVAREZ.
    He gave me all the information and the support of my surgery as he told me the step by step of it.
    It was like that.
    My case was that due to a bad surgery my nose was deviated and I could not breathe and I also asked him if he could make my septum straighter.
    The surgery was a success, it corrected my deviated septum, I completely changed my breathing, so much so that I rest a lot better and I do not get tired when I do sports.
    The partition was perfect straight with an incredible projection.
    The surgical site was totally bearable. I never felt any pain at any time.
    If I had to have surgery again, I would be happy to do it.
    He has an incredible medical team from the Anesthetists to the Surgical Instrumenters
    The Dr was always present before, during and after the surgery, he always let me know everything he consulted with his wonderful way of explaining, he always removed all my doubts, a genius!
    If you are going to decide to do surgery, look no further than he is the right professional.
    Ask for a turn and make a visit and he will answer any questions you have.
    I changed my life aesthetically and functionally!

    Google Dec 22 2021
  • natalia

    I arrived at the doctor office with some fear, like any other person, since it is a surgery, however, the doctor gave me the confidence to be calm and from the first consultation he was in charge of being aware of all the doubts that were raised. they could introduce me. He was accompanying me in the best way during and after the recovery. I loved the results and I recommend him with all my heart, since he is not only a great professional, but also a great person.

    Google Apr 28 2022
  • Ulises

    When the discomfort of having performed surgeries in other places dominates your body with bad experiences, that is where the
    Dr. Emiliano Alvarez at his best
    To change not only aesthetically but also emotionally and spiritually.....
    He gave me in impeccable surgeries the joy of happiness to feel really good.
    His professionalism and simplicity make him an impeccable professional.!!! Forever grateful to your unconditional help....

    Google May 01 2022

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